Did Dilfer predict BCS title game to Winston two years ago?

Did Dilfer predict BCS title game to Winston two years ago?
January 7, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Trent Dilfer, former NFL quarterback, current television analyst, skilled predictor of the future?

You could add that to the list once you take a look at what he said two years ago to a younger Jameis Winston at the national Elite 11 camp. In a sit-down interview, Dilfer was initially referring to Winston in this scenario playing in the NFL, but the similarities to what he describes and Monday’s national championship victory are freakishly similar.

In the video, Dilfer repeatedly lauds Winston for his intelligence over his physical ability, saying that people will marvel at the things he can do athletically, but his understanding of the game is what will take him to the next level.

Now listen.

“It’s going to come down to a 3rd-and-7 in the fourth quarter, down by four,” Dilfer told Winston. “And they’re going to keep you in the pocket.”

Winston, in fact, was faced with a 3rd-and-8 from the Auburn 10-yard line, down 31-27 with 0:21 to play in the fourth quarter. In the face of pressure, Winston stepped up and fired a pass to receiver Rashad Greene in the end zone. The pass was wide, but Auburn defensive back Chris Davis, Jr. was called for pass interference, setting up 1st-and-Goal from the Auburn 2.

Back to Dilfer.

“They’re not going to let you be fast and quick and all that,” Dilfer said in the video. “And that’s going to be a mistake because you’re going to beat them here [points to head] and that’s what I’m most impressed with.”

On the next play, Winston went play action before turning and whipping the ball to receiver Kelvin Benjamin, putting it only where the 6-6 receiver could get it for the game-winning touchdown.

Not bad, Trent. Not bad.