Edsall: Athletes bring 'millions of dollars to the university'

Edsall: Athletes bring 'millions of dollars to the university'
August 27, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Watch Randy Edsall's full interview in the video player above, following a short advertisement. His discussion of scholarship guarantees begins at the 4:44 mark.

Earlier this month, Maryland became one of the first Divison I schools to institute a program it has branded as “The Maryland Way Guarantee,” a program designed to ensure scholarships remain available to athletes who have left school in good academic standing or have been injured and made unable to compete.

Head football coach Randy Edsall sat down with Comcast SportsNet’s Brian Mitchell on Wednesday and, as part of an extensive conversation, touched on the new guarantee.

“These kids come here in order to be a student-athlete and there’s some that have the ability to leave before their eligibility is expired,” Edsall said. “Well, the thing that you want to do is make sure you aid them because they’ve aided you in helping the university become better and brought millions of dollars to the university.”

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The decision by Maryland is part of a larger movement in college athletics to remedy a compensation gap that has been challenged in court and become the dominant topic of conversation in regards to business practices of the NCAA and its member schools.

Under Maryland’s plan, gone would be one-year renewable scholarships and in its place is a four-year scholarship guarantee.

That move is designed specifically to eliminate roster shuffling that pushes underperforming or injured athletes on to different schools.

“It’s only the right thing to do and that’s something that I think is there that it’s great that our university did that and the athletic department did that,” Edsall continued. “That’s really what should happen and the more that I think kids understand that you appreciate and there’s give -- it’s two-way street -- then you’re going to get more out of them in the time that they’re here as well.”