Karl Hess ejects Danny Manning, ruins Kansas reunion

Karl Hess ejects Danny Manning, ruins Kansas reunion
December 29, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Midnight Madness returns to Cole Field House

COLLEGE PARK--Karl Hess ruined all the fun.

This was the Kansas reunion. The boys were back in town, former Jayhawks Mark Turgeon and Danny Manning, one-time teammates now coaching against one another in what had turned out to be a close game through the first 29:25.

Then the referee Hess, like an unruly cop who wants to break up a party for the sake of it, came in with his whistle and his antics with 10:35 to play, slapped Manning with two technical fouls and threw him out of the game.

The move not only sent Manning to the locker room early in a 52-47 game, but awarded Maryland four free throws and possession of the basketball.

Add two more free throws and suddenly in the span of four seconds of game time, the Terrapins had extended the lead to 11 points. They would go on to win, 85-74.

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“I was trying to get Danny to stop because of who he was talking to,” Turgeon said after the game. “I hated to see it. You hate to see that. Knowing Danny, he’s a pretty mild-mannered guy. I don’t think he was really trying to have that happen.”

After the game, Manning maintained his innocence. It’s not clear exactly what was said, but let’s remember that Hess, the man at the center of this, once threw NC State greats Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani out of a game. Oh, and that’s when Gugliotta and Corchiani were spectators in Raleigh.

From what television cameras captured, you can read Manning’s lips saying the word “unbelievable” repeatedly, while motioning angrily toward the court where a foul had just been called.

Turgeon, though not necessarily agreeing with the call, had a hard time denying the impact it had on Sunday.

“I thought the technical helped us because it gave us a cushion, but I also think it inspired them,” he said. “I don’t know if it changed things. It just gave us four more points which changes a lot, I guess.”