Maryland AG countersues ACC for $157 million

Maryland AG countersues ACC for $157 million
January 14, 2014, 11:00 am
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Terps looking past FSU and onto Notre Dame

(Associated Press)

The University of Maryland's move to the Big Ten never seemed easy, not when the Terps refused to pay more than $50 million as an exit fee to the Atlantic Coast Conference, and certainly not when the ACC sued the university for the exit fee in a North Carolina court.

Maryland's exit took another ugly turn on Tuesday when the state attorney general announced a $157 million countersuit against the ACC. Jeff Barker of The Baltimore Sun has been on top of the developing story.

Wallace Loh, Univeristy of Maryland President, long suggested that the ACC's exit fee would not hold up in court due to its punitive measures. Many parties in tune with the Terps decision to leave the ACC for the Big Ten have suggested that eventually the founding partner Terps and the conference would agree to a settlement below the original exit fee, which this lawsuit may expedite. 

Alex Prewitt of The Washington Post obtained more information about the countersuit. Unsurprisingly, it looks like television contracts will be a major issue in the countersuit, as they appear to be just about anywhere in major college athletics.