Seth Allen lays out timetable for transfer decision

Seth Allen lays out timetable for transfer decision
May 6, 2014, 3:30 pm
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As part of a radio appearance Tuesday on WNST Radio in Baltimore, former Maryland guard Seth Allen gave one of the more detailed accounts of what led to his departure from College Park and the plans that may come for the soon-to-be junior.

He expressed gratitude for those who supported him at Maryland and continually emphasized the fact that he wasn’t in the business of “burning bridges” on his way out the door.

But where will he end up?

Though he wouldn’t give many hints, he talked in detail about the benefits of the ACC and set forth something of a timetable for his decision.

“This is the last school I’m going to pick, so I don’t want to go 100 miles per hour,” he said. “I think I’ll announce it maybe in the next week or two. I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but as far as that goes, like I said I don’t want to go 100 miles per hour. People will hear soon.”

He went on to lay out a number of reasons for his transfer, sprinkled throughout his 16 minutes on the program. A recap is below.

Why he transferred:

- Overall comfortability

“I’m not here to badmouth the program. Just for me personally, it didn’t fit me. It wasn’t for me.”

- Family reasons

“I just want everybody to realize that the decisions I make were my own and I did it for me and my family...It’s going to be somewhere better where I can be focused and everything.“

- Health

“Part of it is my foot is still not 100 percent healthy. I came back early because the team needed me and, you know, sitting out last year was a question but, you team was struggling at the point and I really thought that I could come in and make an impact.”

- To some extent, conference affiliation

“In the ACC, I can speak for my teammates, we pretty much know every player. We know who we’re going to play against, what we’re doing. The scouting report is just to refresh your memory, but you know. In the Big Ten, it’s going to be different. You’re going to have to buckle down and you’re going to have to be focused.”

Along with all of those reasons, he denied one prominent storyline that he dismisses as a non-factor in his decision:

- Playing time

“A lot of people think I’m leaving because of pressure and this and that. It’s not that. I was going to start and I was going to play probably 35 minutes a game. It’s more than basketball”

Newest among the details above is the emphasis on his foot injury. Head coach Mark Turgeon continually stressed that Allen looked stellar in the preseason, but was even hampered once he returned less than 100 percent healthy.

For Allen to say that his health remains that way, it lessens the blow that comes with a player having to sit out a year due to transfer. Whichever college he chooses, he’ll have a year to rehab and practice without the expectation of playing. The assumption would then be that he could return fully healthy for his redshirt junior season.

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