Brian Billick likes Tebow- Patriots fit

Brian Billick likes Tebow- Patriots fit
June 10, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick was not surprised that Tim Tebow found a new NFL home with the Patriots.

Billick thinks it will be a good fit. He believes the Patriots will use Tebow more effectively than the Jets did, and that head coach Bill Belichick will not let the Tebow media circus get out of hand.

"It is the right player, at the right place, I imagine for the right price,’’ Billick on Monday on NFL Network. "This is the perfect team for Tim Tebow to go to because A, there’s no question about who the starter is. I’d be shocked, I’d be stunned, if we saw a news conference, announcing Tim Tebow, particularly by himself like he did in New York.

"He might serve a specific role. They game plan their offense specifically every week for whoever they’re playing. Obviously, they’ll be a package for Tim Tebow that could add a dimension - third down, red zone. The question becomes, are they willing in any critical situation, going to take Tom Brady off the field. Is he a legitimate backup quarterback in the National Football League? I don’t think so. If he can develop as an NFL quarterback, New England would be the place to do it.’’

Several dots connected Tebow to the Patriots. Belichick is good friends with Tebow’s college coach, Urban Meyer. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round when McDaniels was the Broncos’ head coach.

"No one thought he (Tebow) was a first-round pick accept Josh McDaniels,’’ Billick said.  "If indeed they can develop him, this might be a bit of redemption for Josh McDaniels.’’

The Ravens host the Patriots on Dec. 22. By then, it will be easier to judge how well Tebow is fitting in.