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O's Spring Training: Brent Harris on the status of Brian Matusz-2/22



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot -- we'll start with the Orioles who just got off of their three game set. With the AL east leading Boston Red Sox Sox take two of three but we'll talk about the bowl pin in the month of August we take a look at some of the numbers here. -- you look at him. You Buck Showalter is bullpen really struggled in the month. What they have and you know just a little uncertainty there and it hasn't been one guy even know all the attentions on Jim Johnson in his blown saves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian Matusz has been probably the most consistent but -- I -- Francisco Rodriguez for me is a guy that I really have a lot of confidence in at the moment but. I think that more than anything when you start to look at did -- -- series. They have their struggles in the late inning blown save he had the Tommy Hunter given up a flare single so there's a little bit of that kind of fallen back. In feel a little bit snake big going in the Boston Boston's a really good club but I kind of like that ninth inning when Johnson. The other night ends up clothing and how is a fairly easy inning for him he hasn't had many easy innings and the fact that he was able to go through that opened up almost 123 get the leadoff guy on the and a double play. And any got out of the last theater very easily without the ball again now the infield. To me I thought that was something that kind of bodes well and looks good going into the night. Your and so when you look at one of the positives and closing out that series getting the win is the fact that Chris Tillman. Has done something that was kind of interesting we look at the numbers he got his fifteenth win. That's the first those pitchers since Erik Bedard did it back in 2000 and sick yeah that's pretty amazing and also tells you how much better the team is now is getting the run support until it's been great for them obviously and that's what they've needed all along is. That anchor to the rotation. I liked him saying a lot of little things that series and and had a chance to win two out of three. Obviously and it's not necessarily -- -- playing bad or anything but. We're getting to crunch time here and these games all are so big especially against teams ahead of them in the standings. Yet it's not the worst thing in the world only pick one out of three in Boston but he eventually somewhere along the way here they've got to take one of these series again gained ground not lose ground to Kovalev deliver on the show will look at the strength of schedules between. Obviously the Mets and Orioles and it looks like me to the nets have the easier path but. The Orioles do control their own destiny. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  5. CSN Baltimore dot com. After sixteen straight wins and innings the Orioles are now sixteen and three in extra inning games this year. all three losses coming to the Yankees but this one was like a punch in the gut. and now win on Thursday night. Or this magical fun season is over. And man about not

  6. CSN Baltimore dot com. Connecticut and yeah I hear him. Not a lot better about that I that I would have last year I think she's so. Like you see better things from him. You lot that are completely different guy than last year and on. Beautiful strong Velika. You know I have a lot of To sit behind

  7. not come off their young starting rotation all of starting pitchers are dealing with issues to some degree right now Brian Matusz has lost velocity. Zach Britton has cooled off. Project area showing signs of fatigue. One way or another. They