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Should the Orioles sign Mark Reynolds?



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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot -- magical season for the Orioles and specifically Jim for Chris Davis is he's now broken Brady Anderson's single season. Aren't afraid of course had a fifty Chris Davis sits at 51 -- 150 games what more can you say about this guy. Now is -- at home runs they're usually very important times in the game. While we and we saw that in Boston when you end up hitting the tie. Tying home run off a Jake Peavy the other night and is RBI with the bases -- an extra innings. On Wednesday night ended up breaking the game open and it's been like got all season for Davis and that's why for me knowing -- -- Orioles team MVP but he has to be in the -- for the American League MVP Miguel Gonzales Miguel Cabrera is that kind of a -- month so I would be surprised he gets a few more votes -- you would expect for MVP of the league. It's injury there's interest into markets not just -- 51 home runs he's also closing in on the team strike out record set by Mark Reynolds -- a 196. You wouldn't think that looking at the stats. But he really has been consistent despite the Yankees been very good and what stands out to me is I mean we're talking about the Baltimore us think about the names of guys on that list. Who he is now hit more homers than they only need last name's frank. If any cow -- Chris Davis hit more home runs and then a single season rather talk about any franchise in this of the Baltimore Orioles within rich tradition especially a power hitters. That's a major accomplishment for Chris Davis and lost in this unbelievable unbelievable season and offence -- there's been how good he's been at first base in this Orioles defense is historically. Good. At this. A 114. Perilous games up past the 2008. Astros for the most all time that's the most since 19100. It just seems like -- ground balls hit a fly balls hit. Pitchers have to feel confident that we got behind -- the gonna make the play every time. Again at 2008 Astros team by the way Miguel Tejada Kaz Matsui Ty Wigginton Lance Berkman really. We're -- -- your real to -- don't have no chance on an Orioles defense has been tremendous it in. I think there is one of the best if not the best that I've seen in terms of infield ever and I had the Mets back in the day when we thought that that was the best infielder back in 2000. Now when we had her 99 when we had John all the -- over first base but having settled that. That is been huge it's made eight would I would say an average starting rotation the above average because of that defense and like you said. The outfield has been spectacular as well obviously anchored by Adam Jones Nate McLouth -- -- market -- so they don't get as much love as the infield but they -- The market you know pictures for when you know you've got a team behind him make plays that's got to make a -- feel so much more comfortable and just trust his stuff oh sure absolutely and -- have what impresses me here is it's not just the -- you know a lot of times you can say -- aren't necessarily the only evaluate -- Good defense and yes they're not committing errors but their zone rating is tops in baseball to. They're not just making the routine plays they're getting to more balls than other teams and that is a really good sign because. It's one thing to make the ball and make the plays when you're supposed to which obviously they're doing. It's another to make it kind of plays that not other guys can even get to that tells you just how good defense team are. CSN Baltimore dot com.

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  11. CSN Baltimore dot com. You know we don't have superstars. You know guys I've ever run to go to football players and that's basically that's that's what it's definitely best. It's. Ending yeah in this down outlast them they're playing good. You know we with a win and never out of and you know back

  12. CSN Baltimore dot com. And let's start with those always Adam Jones gets a dog and you know I just kind of define the measures crowd who got to get annoying to me anyway. He could not to figure out how that team is doing it what's your explanation held. Well goes from his straight to the manager

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  14. have force. You know. This can't sit seem prudent route it's him and you know and obviously those good. Now Mark Reynolds continues to see power return with this fourth home run in his last six games and while this homestand didn't finish

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  17. as you can with your brother went. it'd be one of those game. It is what it is today because you know once they leave it Reynolds rule. Everybody knows. You in the long or Ravens. As you can start that once you leave his day and you human diseases are

  18. half they have survived despite prolonged slumps from some of their key contributors. Derrek Lee. I Nick Markakis Mark Reynolds . And Luke Scott have all have long slumps that have been very hurtful they need more consistency offensively. If

  19. CSN Baltimore dot com. Score eleven runs in three games and won three games hire Terry after. You know we were really frustrate Oakland. Need to build the kind of return for her arms. I don't feel good for our guys golden will be again this platoon. You could take your position. You're gonna have

  20. again tell me about from the or is perspective. I'm Mark Reynolds . Black Aaron Derrek Lee how they kind of contributed so far that makes. Bag. Mark Reynolds is really struggling. He's batting under 200. Striking