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Orioles season on the line vs. the Rays



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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com Orioles. We're going to Boston look very very good against the Red Sox and now we're staring at their whole season right in front of them war games in Tampa. Yeah what is there's no doubt they've got a strike even have gone back to Toronto but really if you look at the pitching matchups -- always interesting. Jason Hammel and David Price that first game that doesn't look good on paper for the Orioles. Sadly the big question mark -- -- that and a second of course you look at Feldman in hell of sand on Sunday and Shannon archer on Monday. Think it's evenly matched -- the comes the rotation Saturday is a huge question mark for the Orioles. But north does this -- ago -- he's been dealing with some elbow issues Miguel Gonzales has been dealing with some injuries as well and so. There's a lot of got a TB needs to be determined there and I'm not quite sure which direction they're gonna go if it's not. Going to be Norris I think going to be Kevin -- and it could be Zach Britton or could be a bullpen session. Well Jim Kevin golf -- looked absolutely fantastic. On Wednesday Fenway Park you feel comfortable with him. In that situation. You know what I do -- around when you start to look at the way he has pitched he's pitched much better since he's come back to the major leagues he's got his command down. His fastball his change of those -- his two best pitchers he mixes in the breaking ball to but he's got better command of his fastball is 96 to 98. He's locating it better down in the strike zone so. Again I don't expect indeed be able to go six innings a hundred pitches I think he'd be more three or four innings but I think can make it back it up with a a number -- different relievers maybe Britain is a guy who they've been stretching out down in Florida maybe he comes up and a bullpen role as well. The Orioles a six and nine this year against the rays three and three at Tropicana Field. The mark. One thing's for sure there's not much of a home field advantage and go to Tampa even. With games this important now and it's it's sad to me that you know they had that huge series against Texas they're -- 101000 a game just not any kind of environment though so maybe that plays -- orioles' hands but and you guys are right. This is the season for them four games. You gotta look at this as taking three out of four at minimum against a team that you're trying to chase down pitching is a little bit the concern that bothers me the fact they don't even know who's gonna start Saturday's game. To me Sunday's game Alex's the only one of the rays starters in that series with an ERA over three and a half for Sosa bats a game I think they have to take -- Somehow you got to find a way take three -- -- four. CSN Baltimore dot --

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  1. Orioles on losing to the Rays and facing the Rangers

    Showalter floated the name's Steve Johnson as a potential starter but you gotta expect Joseph Saunders to be on the mound out in Dallas. For now from Tropicana Field with the Orioles Travis bell for CSN Baltimore. CSN Baltimore dot com.

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