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  4. Troy Smith0:51
  5. Torrey Smith0:14, 0:35
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Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot -- -- it's about the Ravens and the Dolphins are looking to bounce back after those ugly losses in week four and this thing is going to be a -- about two great. Wide receivers and Torrey Smith for the Ravens and Mike Wallace wore the Dolphins. Now much was expected of both -- out coming off years where they each had career highs in targets yet. If Smith who shined in the number one role and not a free agent. -- Now according to run a world Mike Wallace had an average draft position at 62 to Torrey Smith 66 very similar though but Smith. Definitely proving to be the better choice with more catches and yards that they both share the same amount of touchdowns so we'll. Pretty close but I think -- I'm taking towards the ball toward Troy Smith for the Jets into that number one role that he hasn't heard of for the Baltimore Ravens. While Mike Wallace on the other hand hey I've played for coach Mike Sherman. In Green Bay now he's the offensive coordinator that hinted -- Miami Heat judge Joseph gets the ball. Right while the driver not gonna that a lot of balls this week for throughout the season because this guy just wants to win. All right Antonio down at Torrey -- -- after a sub par rushing effort by the Ravens last week and an emergence of rookie Lamar Miller in Miami who we take it. Pierce Ray Rice is tandem in the backfield -- taken Lamar Miller. Hey come and often not Russia's total last week but this tandem I'm involved with -- rice and peers. -- they're gonna get it together this Ravens seem to be successful has to run the football -- got a Packers last week I expect 25 combined. Putter Ravens Gordon owner road trying to win a hockey game in South Beach trying to think about that -- and what does -- have we talked tight ends now. -- taken Charles clay or Dallas Clark at that position it's an interest didn't pick their but I -- taken Dallas Clark. What I see from Joseph Flacco and his Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle spot and look for Dallas Clark and put him pivotal situations primarily third downs so -- talk will be -- -- while clay. Might not. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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    the other hand hey I've played for coach Mike Sherman. In Green Bay now he's the offensive coordinator that hinted Miami Heat judge Joseph gets the ball. Right while the driver not gonna that a lot of balls this week for throughout the season

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  18. freezing the next ball like okay here is going to be warmer thrown out this week and fracture as soon you'll be ready for the heat . I one thing though that is different from what you do over more time to prepare because this is the first game. How much can

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