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What was to blame for Ravens loss to Bills?



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Sun, 29 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com's. I think you very much the first quarter of the season is over complete the Ravens are -- into after the first quarter but yet. Fred Jackson I'll start with -- what is the identity of this football team. Oh that's still to be determined we have no clue what the idea and his team is we don't vote they wanna throw the ball. Can be a passing off as we don't know if they wanna try to run the football because they haven't done that as well right now -- -- into. At the first quarter in four games down the ball rate is still need a lot of work to figure out exactly what type offense they're going to be and how they're gonna get things done as they try to repeat a. Champion Antonio. Fifty pass attempts from Joseph Flacco we've seen this before with Thursday night game against Denver ended in a loss same thing on Sunday. Career high five interceptions. Is it just Flacco was -- things around him that led to those kind of mishaps. It's Flacco he has to take a lot of his responsibility but it's also the coaching staff mean coaching staff for the one call this play they'll want to put these players in this situation. To throw the ball fifty times and only run nine times rewrites. Five carries seventeen -- that's not the formula for winning -- Baltimore Ravens and as a coach and staff. You have to protect your franchise quarterback you paid a lot of money and offseason I'm fine with that but protective. Put your star quarterback in a death situations to help your football team and winning games. -- while the Ravens rush defense came in fourth in the league only allowing. A little north of 74 yards per game they got carved up by Spiller. Jackson and choice 203 yards. And that's why you have to play when you talk about you know going into week as a preparation continues the Buffalo -- 25 -- -- not doing very much -- as far as being able to run -- football a rookie quarterback EJ Manuel the team that has had its own injuries which is decimated secondary is that a bar -- defense came in pretty much thinking if we just do our job is as stand you know status quo will be fine and they found -- -- got a real big and have big. Slap in the face to realize that you've got to come for prayer prepared each and every day in practice any games because you never know if you don't do your job. Anybody on any given us thank you carve your body even if that is one of the strays and -- defense. And meanwhile to get another AFC east opponent next Sunday when they head to South Florida and speaking from some vets their -- their message this week. No distractions this thing out at all get focused for Sunday senator Brett Jackson Antonio Freeman a personal of course because I would never do that. -- the back the CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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