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Offensive break downs cost the Ravens in Pittsburgh



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot com. The Ravens are ready to hit the panic button is they don't into the biweekly remain confident. That they can turnaround. There's three of four record you know market again in the justifying -- -- plain mean. You know there's a lot of people out there -- never gonna believe anything you know there's a lot of doesn't really matter so. -- people wanna see is too well they'll stay in our -- we know we had to do I mean there's no secret I mean days. I'm obviously we have been planned that way we wanted to and he knows -- What we need to fix is obvious so it's not like there is a rough project -- I think that is really on us as players to but they get it done because that in the day they called play. Our offense and defense if it works because we execute. Everyone's genius or one that's good but we're out there when -- playing the -- it was supposed to -- you know looks pretty -- at Sonoma as far you know what best player is that a good thing getting them. We're -- work hard we've done it every year you know he hit tough stretches every single year in football there's no guarantee. This is tough and there's no guarantee this year. But we had done pretty well the last five years into this tough stretch going back to work and deal with the things we need to correct overcoming adversity. It's tough league you know we're in the middle of the Packers now so we can either go down to stay the same -- get better than we intend to get better. We need to do is go in the next game in the game after that in the game after that the game today and do our best and see how the chips -- it's all said and done but. Q what makes me optimistic as I'm always optimistic because they are no hard work and how good guys were you good people we have coaches and players. Then I really believe we're the most America I think we understand how to -- Problem the coach Harbaugh said he was very happy with the way the team practiced the last couple days and now they get the next four days off. To enjoy their bye week we'll be back here all Monday as they get ready for the next game. Guess the Cleveland Browns. With the Ravens beyond our performance center Predators CSN Baltimore. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. Ravens confident they can improve season after bye

    CSN Baltimore dot com. The Ravens are ready to hit the panic button is they don't into the biweekly ..... get ready for the next game. Guess the Cleveland Browns. With the Ravens beyond our performance center Predators CSN Baltimore. CSN Baltimore

  2. Ravens must improve in all 3 aspects of the game

    t matter. Over the next twelve days the Ravens will try to do just that it all three ..... Question defensively over the last two weeks the Ravens rush defense been gassed by units featuring ..... opponent. At the under performance in with the Ravens Chris Miller CSN Baltimore. CSN Baltimore

  3. Ravens are in a state of emergency

    CSN Baltimore dot coms. To those the Ravens are a state of emergency. So it's ..... when they return from the side so once the Ravens to start winning not just talk about ..... from about. Ray Rice could be the for the Ravens in the second half this season offensively

  4. Suggs says Ravens in 'state of emergency'

    comments about fall from two so it's sand the Ravens cant kid themselves anymore. There in ..... to go hog look at themselves because the Ravens have never been to preempt war. And ..... where. Especially early in the game the Ravens can't get things going they can't

  1. squad. So you don't get that how much of a crusher is that to your squad Chris he's been swinging the talk but a row the Ravens and Pittsburgh of some people left out there on the field that day and think about it he has. I think it's a very Smart

  2. on with coach Harbaugh. Is presented by Thompson creek when company the official window company Baltimore Ravens . Certainly not a in Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh do you for the surprise onside kick you've got of offside how frustrating was that

  3. teams offense defense. We're at a state of emergency. Now. Let's go back out race handed you agree with this part of the Ravens in the state of emergency it's. To move move. It was everything that's we definitely need to have more sense of urgency

  4. CSN Baltimore dot Not a good move for us years ago removed from Brian. Happy for Brian you know I think it's a good opportunity for him more than anything that's most important thing. You know where it's a conditional. Late pick you know so. It's it's it's an opportunity for threw down there and

  5. the trenches. In this game tonight as the Ravens continue to struggle in their running ..... trying to win as many games we can. So the Ravens now sit under 500 three for their two ..... Did sat. To make this stretch run with the Ravens and Pittsburgh Brent Harris CSN Baltimore

  6. CSN Baltimore dot com's. Do you have sort of by bases just everybody. Is doing their job and on and on their club try to get this thing right yeah. Yeah. You know we got about we know. Give us town we know from you as a player is a couple of days ago the way coaches time to evaluate pay off. We put

  7. Dallas Clark on regrouping after loss


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    to Just one game at a time I mean it's you can't look at the big picture quite yet I mean it's just it's just about the Ravens . Improving hum on all sides of the ball and just really kind. Everyone individually looking at themselves and be in their

  8. CSN Baltimore dot coms Gary Chris ten months since two meal. Was on the field with spinal cord contusion a long road back start with that just just your feelings of being able to be back on the field today and hope your team. You know it was a long journey you know and we got here you know the

  9. Harbaugh: "It was a hard-fought game"


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com's. Okay. Yeah the idea there was to grab another possession it has long drives and we were we were kind of struggling to. To to get possessions their office in the field especially once situation where we're field goal would have been the same either way would we were

  10. line looks like I'll give you a stat here that says you the Ravens defense is last week they gave a 140 yards of the Green Bay ..... penalties extending drives for Pittsburgh stopping drives for the Ravens . And also on special teams you just cannot make the mistakes

  11. CSN Baltimore dot com's. okay. Did it I mean you always have. Yeah you're you're always thinking back in the game like Madden he's score one time in. Get back in the game. Yeah. Possess a lot of holes. It's just friendly tiger. Yeah you know we wanted to get to do a little of that series it they we

  12. Caldwell prepares for familiar rival


    Sat, 19 Oct 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot we always know Ravens Steelers and smash mouth it's physical. In this game particularly well what is could be a key that you go against Pittsburgh. Well I think the big thing is obviously that they would love to be able to create turnovers and then that's the thing messed Polamalu

  13. CSN Washington dot com. What we obviously this is one of those matchups a rival game but you didn't get to play last year how much how much did you miss this Ravens Steelers matchup. misses game distant one of the year you know we know each other. You know they know we always plays so the it. The

  14. little bulletin. And of course rivalries are made more intense with the teams. Are playing for something it's certainly the Ravens and Steelers have been there is not a fact these two teams. Have won ten of the last twelve. AFC north title. With the

  15. CSN Baltimore dot com the coach wide receiving didn't you know just a couple weeks ago. we had three guys there were for the game. Having to back. Adds another dimension. that goes against the last week well not so much was just seeing how he responds to me how fast is your real. It would hold up

  16. dot com doesn't happen too often with the Ravens and Steelers matchup and a first place ..... on the line but that's the case here the Ravens at 33 the Steelers water before you can ..... that cliche throw the records out. But the Ravens aren't interested in that. They know

  17. with a decimated offensive watch. Does the Ravens defense smell blood in the water and ..... least on camera Michael but I can say. the Ravens have done a great job rushing the passer ..... about blocking. The biggest issue for the Ravens . Has been the flocking to the offensive

  18. CSN Baltimore dot com's. The Ravens may have to give up on trying to establish ..... have put their offense in the bad this. The Ravens have not scored a touchdown. In the ..... who won four. But a win Sunday against the Ravens were raised in the tour board and would

  19. fanatical Jets still is coming out this is always a big game I think you saw the schedule up whether you know when. You got the Ravens just does not be a big match up also Ben Roethlisberger this guy he seems to step up those big games. That big guessing game

  20. game struggle a bit gives. The Packers what does that do that you need to do to get things going because you think about the Ravens you think about a team that runs the football or stop the run. struggle you're three runs and that's been the major problem