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Will Jacoby Jones have a bigger role against Pittsburgh?



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Sat, 19 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot -- -- we always know Ravens Steelers and smash mouth it's physical. In this game -- particularly well what is could be a key that you go against Pittsburgh. Well I think the big thing is obviously that they would love to be able to create turnovers and then that's the thing messed -- Polamalu does so well he moves around creates Havoc. And that's what they wanna try and do you -- situation -- if you turn the ball over on him running anymore. With a fumble some sort around in the passing and one interception because of the pressure that they put on him for a they give you different looks to be one of those teams and does a good job of disguising what they do they certainly do come into this -- multiple and give your number different looks like you come you wouldn't fully implemented with a dime. Certainly their base personnel is good but it can also fresh in your head days. Come in they have good personnel -- on the edges the middle. And in the firmer than that can do a fantastic job -- -- and accomplished a how much does it help that you're familiar with the team or can it also -- the other way we get too caught up to me like I don't know what they do it it is punching something else well it never -- -- it was clear that in the sense of what they can do and then you obviously have an opportunity prepare. And you prepare for pretty much everything that you possibly can you look at all scenarios and in the that are in the more familiar with a team I think the better you can do that just in terms of instruction and also what you don't practice as well. What is your philosophy on it and you hear the term once I took the pass for the past can -- -- -- more what's your philosophy and and is it really more. -- -- -- Well and is it just depends on the opponent in this sometimes depending on what their strength is. You know you have to really look as though there -- a little different avenues. You know -- -- got the -- -- always say you need to make a play left handed he was referring to our basketball you know. That you always make a right handed player go to his left collection of players go to his right. And and the sometimes oftentimes you have to do that to your preparation you know you have to strike where you feel that maybe your strength. And perhaps their weakness for -- obviously this game in particular system matchup game so -- -- -- -- -- Well early in the season until -- -- deal with four different guys is that injuries at wide receiver tight and all the stuff. But now you're getting healthy half how much do you think it helps Joseph and this offense to have guys like Jacoby back he's getting healthy and that's on. Well with him here it is it's -- you know obviously he hasn't good feel for these guys for even even so this -- as a young coach is his second year. -- where does this do get -- feel for it's not something that just -- happens. Well overnight it takes a while to work through it tickets are certainly -- the conference and then when you couple that with the fact we got some young guys like Marlon. Losing brand new to hand them yet getting better every single week I just think that before. No -- that working together consistently. You know throughout the season we just get better and better on the way and I know if you go see this office explode at some point. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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    CSN Baltimore dot we always know Ravens Steelers and smash mouth it's physical. In this game particularly well what is could be a key that you go against Pittsburgh. Well I think the big thing is obviously that they would love to be able to create turnovers and then that's the thing messed Polamalu

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