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Wed, 18 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com I joining us this week for our four down segment is John McClain from Houston Chronicle covers the Houston Texans. As well as the National Football League and John let's start with Ed -- This is the game week for the Ravens fans had circled on their counters Ed -- return to Baltimore. -- -- -- Nobody's got a close that's the five million dollar question. Texas don't know I don't think head knows -- watch out before every game on the field and they make him inactive we've all fought. He's an official homecoming surely would fly. And I'm thinking right now. He's not going to because he's still breaking down scar tissue. He's got soreness in his hip and they're not gonna put him out there for 35 years old Phillies -- -- percent. Shocking not to see him on the field for this game but he's not -- can't go all right second down now. Houston Texans star receiver Andre Johnson got leveled. Last week by Bernard Pollard of the Titans left the game with concussion what's his status will he play on Sunday. Andre Johnson will play on Sunday if everything goes according to plan he'll be practicing and -- on Thursday. In the old days you would not say all -- is five years ago he would've gone. Back in the game because of the concussion protocol. He had to come out go the dressing room and could not come back he has Andre Johnson will be on the field against the right. Amazing to think that when he went out to protect and just went to the next guy up now that the Andrei hop in the first round pick at. Put up tremendous numbers aren't third down now that stuff on the Andrei Hopkins. Gets more -- how much of a threat is he going to be in this offense. He was a second take receiver taken nine Saint Louis has -- -- Austin was a and he he went 27. Texans targeted him all along one reason I liked him. Hey 82 catches as -- claims and -- here and eighteen touchdowns he's got you -- hands where's xxx was. His teammates a guy where things because he catches everything he's very acrobatic. He jumps well is great ball skills always done that went to him as much as they did. On the last drive that tied the game and then when they threw the fade pass -- three yards made a great catch. To beat the Titans in overtime. And the honorary Hopkins has been everything they fought and more after two games. Just another weapon for these Texans were down now that Texans were a contender coming into the season. At the rally to beat the Titans a tremendous rally in week one to beat the Chargers I would say. They don't great wins they just add them up at the end of the season but how -- the Texans feeling right now to know there's not different. Really very relieved when you fall behind the way they've felt fine sane Diego might pull that thing out. You know they have to him either pants after that. Pending comeback against Tennessee that down 24 to sixteen needed touchdown and two point conversion to tie the score. They know they can't come to Baltimore and do that against the Ravens they're not gonna get the same guys gave me -- -- last year when it was 4313. They know they're gonna get the right in the best Ravens got here they start like that again ray Rivera made them. Pretty good though for the Texans to not be playing well and still need to know John McClain from Houston Chronicle thanks so much for your time. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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