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Dallas Clark on regrouping after loss



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot -- witness. Your first Ravens Steelers matchup and I'm sure you heard about how these are typically close typically very physical I would imagine that's exactly what you got out there tonight. Yeah that's what you expect for. My you know divisional game and end it means so much in the standings and and now it's just unfortunate we weren't able to make the plays that we need to -- to find a way to win but it's it's a great tradition and the knowledge and now it's unfortunate that we I didn't get to get the went there. Coach talked about wanna make some changes on the offensive side of the football especially in the running game leading into this game. Do you feel like some of those changes here or taking hold -- or do you think there's still some work to be done there. I I think were heading in the right direction im obviously a loss doesn't. Back that up any means by any means but but I think. Think there's definitely some things that we did tonight that that the that we can build on me and and kind of just keep keep pushing forward but I I definitely think that were make the right changes and and scheme wise everything like that but -- emphasis comes up as an excuse and I mean that's a good defense and and we we were able to make the plays in the first half and then one against Arizona. -- three in -- in the -- -- two games behind Cincinnati in the division if not where you want to be but what is the message is you go into a little bit of time off. Before you come back to -- Just one game at a time I mean it's you can't look at the big picture quite yet I mean it's just it's just about the Ravens. Improving hum on all sides of the ball and just really kind. Everyone individually looking at themselves and be in their worst critic. On themselves and and then find a way to get better and I collectively will get we'll get this thing turned around and and you in the direction and then we can worry about that were around the divisional that but right now it's wonderful it's one week at a time. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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    CSN Baltimore dot com's. Obviously ready You know when you guys hope for we can have the principals offensively. And what I've been able wonderful ball we'll tell a lot of so much. That's just execution we didn't we didn't play near near good enough to be to. To to do anything positive so we know

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  4. we was a good third down conversions I mean we were able to protect quarterback. Torrey Smith made some plays forced Dallas Clark Stokley made some catches force of those guys are huge on third down second half it would move the chains. Can keep

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  7. half crossing routes hit a couple spar rots on the numbers things like that and really Cabrera thought the a great job Dallas Clark . Marlon Brown a lot of guys came up big for us. Yeah Houston Texas governor and they have a very good golf fans are

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  13. 12 weeks that the integration of Dallas Clark and also Brandon Stokley to be kind ..... away ask those are all about Stokley Clark after practice today. He says they ..... s going to be its announcement Clark stoke lead to fit in quickly because

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  17. long he's in there. The Ravens wanna see him make some of those catches inside. That they got him for. Along with Dallas Clark so those are two things to look forward with the Ravens as they played first home game at a pre season Thursday night

  18. are the Ravens hope to get. From Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark . Yet those guys had some career years in the mid 2000 ..... there the process of signing the veteran tight end. In Dallas Clark and between the two they have a combined 24 years of

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