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Ed Reed returns to Baltimore in Texans uniform



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Mon, 23 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com. Baltimore. What -- we. I'm good not yeah. Puts -- life. -- -- -- -- This city. Is what love is all about. What a great did and and T bank stadium yesterday is Ray Lewis gets his name inducted to the Ravens. Ring of honor and now we welcome in Chris Canty who is. Out of left field for the Ravens yesterday in that big win over the Texans and Chris. It's kind of fitting that the defense and play so well come up in the defense of touchdown of the data and reads back. Ray Lewis goes into the ring of honor seven touchdowns in that opener against Denver. Zero touchdowns the last two games other than no Peyton Manning. What's been the biggest difference. Well I think just the opportunity for our defense to come together and and just that doctor brown had the reps a month ago and played together you know we have so many new faces so many additions to the defense which has had used to playing with one another. Think competitive game -- situations so I think that's the difference just on us and our defense gel and come together. Chris you've played on some really good defense for years in Dallas -- years -- the Giants got a ring. Is there -- something no different when you walk in -- Ravens Jersey on because of that franchise the bad rock of that franchise. Has been defense that's what won them to -- balls is very different feeling when you walking -- Well it's it's just a great opportunity to be with a franchise with an organization. And to play in the city that really love defense you know the fans they have an appreciation for defense so we understand. As defenders for this football team we would put that Ravens Jersey on how we understand with the with the history is with the tradition is behind that uniform. Cornet -- ball in closeup and it's nothing taken really seriously. Run. With a right about was there an additional. Order of preference for the defense -- and then we had to hit the door because we might have been a little limited offensively. Well we just want to understand we understood that going in this football game we had to outplay not only years ago. They'll hold your team's offense and -- make sure that we have ourself give ourselves the best has to be successful against them but we also want to make sure that we outplay the opposing team's defense. And I think we we went out there collectively with the mentality and we did that yesterday. This is one of those things we we wanna make sure that we do whatever it takes to be able to be successful on the football field and and decimated defense and special teams where we've come a big. Pitching shut out winning games ugly sometimes -- follow ward does and you guys did it yesterday. Now Q and once you had to like take on Buffalo next week for Anthony thanks so much progress. That's a lot for our new guys. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. Ravens' defense showing they could be better than 2012

    throughout training camp in the pre season that this defense actually better. The last year's version that had ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Paul Kruger and LL so. Takes a matter of time it's a long season you can't get too down about anyone lost early

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    CSN Baltimore dot com. Baltimore. What we. I'm good not yeah. Puts life. This city. Is what love is all about. What a great did and and T bank stadium yesterday is Ray Lewis gets his name inducted to the Ravens. Ring of honor and now we welcome in Chris Canty who is. Out of left field for the

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    determined that even though they hit with egregious by Ed Reed . It was not. Worthy of a one game suspension so instead ..... occasionally had issues we've given up yards so had been Ed Reed and that veteran leadership back there. This crucial one

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    block a lot of passes a guy can get up off the ground and he can do from a number different angles. Of course we may see Ed Reed there on Sunday on the field is as a Texan. Because you had a chance to practice against that little bit because the players

  2. CSN Baltimore dot com the sea island that none other side you know on the gain as they approach it you know he's on the best. Safeties ever and he knows he's he still plays at a very high level. And obviously the scramble we've played against a lot of people who you know we're friends that split.

  3. s. Donaldson here in the Comcast sports president of your those sports that. Up over the Texans coming down Sunday Ed Reed will not be the only former raven from the Super Bowl winning team back at MT bank stadium. Only says he's going to

  4. take it and get ready next week when Ray Lewis goes into the ring of honor joining money Matt Stover among others. And Ed Reed Willie clay or not we'll find out. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

  5. Reason for concern for the Ravens?


    Sun, 8 Sep 2013

    his back and have. That's not a good time we knew that Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard with a lot of the And that seemed like ..... last year but. A lot of that leadership is you mentioned Ed Reed Pollard obviously Ray Lewis. Can we expect sort of that

  6. leadership. All of a football team you know and guys like that you don't even think about you think you ray Lewis and Ed Reed but Bernard Pollard. He knows a guy that I just thought was kind of them all the heart and soul of that franchise Anquan

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    The Ravens safety group has a dramatic new look this season with Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard gone. Will Omar Brown be back?

  8. Tampa they the 61 yard play. And it was due to communication breakdown in the seventh in the secondary. We know that Ed Reed has no longer there along with Bernard Pollard lost both their starting safety cell. The Ravens wanna see their secondary

  9. This he has in Baltimore dot but we've said that a thousand times Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard are gone Obviously safety the position of concern so how do you think Matt unfair in his first NFL pre season

  10. tenured now with the ray Lewis's and Ed Reed gone from the team and he is. The ..... much quieter than Terrelle Suggs away Ed Reed was much quieter than Ray Lewis but ..... but now that ray is gone now that Ed Reed is ball. It just becomes something

  11. because they lost one of the great leaders in the NFL and Ed Reed and from that secondary is there anybody that looks like ..... be. you don't get to see it when there's a guy like Ed Reed he's the leader under I don't wanna compete for that

  12. Reed still loves Baltimore, still getting healthy


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    Former Ravens safety Ed Reed still hopes to play Week 1 for the Texans, but he is still recovering from hip surgery.

  13. defensive side of the football the players that are gone from last year's team. The list is long Ray Lewis of course retired Ed Reed with the Texans Paul Kruger now. With the Browns to bill with the Dolphins Cary Williams went to the Eagles Bernard Pollard

  14. And B no leader of this team of course ray Lewis and Ed Reed are guys that are no longer with the team for Ray Rice ..... and obviously you and you talk about us. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and a guy that we've lost. You know will always carry

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    Terrell Suggs will be counted on to unofficially take the leadership role of the Ravens defense, having the longest tenure with the franchise following the departures of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed .

  16. this offseason are the biggest story lines the losses of Ed Reed . And ray Lewis and who's gonna replace them I think ..... guys he can play both safety positions. And again losing Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard and the Ravens are gonna have two new

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    As the Texans open training camp, Ed Reed remains sidelined by a hip injury that could become a sore point in Houston.

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    Ray Lewis will be enshrined in the Ravens Ring of Honor on Sept. 22, with Ed Reed in the house.

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    The departures of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed , and Anquan Boldin creates a potential leadership void, but the Ravens believe they will fill it.

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    The Texans should win the AFC South again, but they hope Ed Reed helps them win a Super Bowl.