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Ray Rice: Trust the run game



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Sun, 6 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com's. Brent Harris is standing by now with the man the outmanned self Ray Rice particularly. -- he's worked it out Ray Rice sorted out they -- he was a work force today 27 rushes. We got the ball early and often. -- -- Trying to cast a little many currently obvious you also feel pretty good because you guys walked out of here with a W road win never easy in the NFL but balance that when you were so important today to get that W. I commend offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell for distrust and run sticking with that you know we're in the since we last week when he got a little bit tough we we got away from it. But they just kept down the Manitoba today you know when -- Darrell -- garment feels good. And you had to you don't. One of those games to where two or three yards was important you know it you're waiting for that big win but you had to grind out the small Winston. Are you gotta just do that as a running back and I think that's round grown as a player because sometimes I'll always be looking for the big run and hopefully get the value over. You know two or three yard run and on -- -- now you know I'm just wanna be Smart be patient and you know. -- to be going. Great to find the end zone a couple of times by the way that is ten now multi touchdown games for you its most ever in franchise history. Comments. Like the record. The stubborn -- -- -- reflect on that the army is having bill without my team and I. You know being able to contribute to doing. By the way I know a couple of weeks here this fantasy football owners want a little bit today you got a couple of touchdowns at 32 yards are going to be really happy -- Ray Rice guys. If you have a question real quick back there. Want to fire away raised a desire. B it. Is being exactly grass rather on their victory today. I was pleased. With colon around maybe we talked about it Thursday. 88 you came over phrase we actually takes it to -- tentative. Turned out has -- turned up. 27 rushes today six catches 33 total touches of your offense is 74. Over some things that you guys worked on this we did try to get you more ball. In this football game -- to help with the victory. There was a simple things and I'll be jagr was getting back to run and run that we were good at there was this. You know get back to sometimes check down it was run a screen here and -- -- all that's old vintage you know stuff that. That I've been doing for years and think as you know when you look at you know it's called me a complete back and how they were doing in a complete -- job today. Lot of times it's those little things to that'll grind out a game because -- Israel to move the chains -- guys -- win time of possession they're they're the important things in game yeah. You know we know long drives. Due to a deep as well we also know. Where does well are -- as well gives them Gaza rested enough to come out there ready to go one last one and Chris has won more. I'd -- right it's not personal here here's a stat that I want to take into the coach's office tomorrow and just solemn when you get the ball. 21 carries your football team is nineteen in two that's a freeze that won't cost you anything just take intimacy with things there. Well we'll have what's gotta keep the ball rolling and I'll make sure that he would not have release. Ninety Rusch is in the game this week. -- -- Through his agent a ticket to the agent it take -- to pat Moriarty right that's the guys -- -- -- -- T sizzle as well jump but it with the three sacks today. But there was -- there. They're Terrell -- The base level Watson peacetime event sleepless when you do what he did today you can go on the team charter without sleeves at some room today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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