Broncos fans up in arms over Flacco banner



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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot com's. Well there's been controversy going on in Denver right now because the Ravens season opener. Is at Denver so the NFL in order to promote this has decided pretty huge picture of Joseph Flacco. Next to Peyton Manning so Phoenix coming -- wrong. Bronco fans can't dispute. The fact that the NFL wants to promote Joseph Flacco and again -- -- -- playing well at this. If they -- I think it does not remotely Joseph Flacco. This happens every year but it kicked off. They get all the quarterback on a top player on the team that is what those guys up on that stadium around the city get off on number one around the fourth on. There's nothing did not understand it was a little flop they're quite that history not. I don't when it got forgot that the we had a really bad it caught the fans don't let anybody get people that you did this right now is nothing new that they. Does this every every week every year. And now we got there were probably wanna be a -- that they not yeah. But this. You can't figure out and not your job. Could you not you know what. I grew up -- is not -- Flacco is face of Barrett -- -- against Joseph Flacco are sort of they also don't bagels are here promote this game. But just put Peyton Manning of the -- if you if you live in Denver yeah. You don't think Denver fans you know I'm not you don't an effort out there about -- -- -- -- I'm not going to skip I'll tell. Why -- something the body I am promoting big gain I'm not promoting the block girls and a -- promote the game what the NFL is promoted by what. Quarterbacks okay good quarterbacks a belief in him to go sega's game addicted to that and use them to promote it I'm not going to put. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because I'm not promote the game up what he wants out of it they'll leave is 32 -- -- if we have started to not to promote everything together not just once. -- about a stop whining and have to question -- -- -- you just do what he did that I am actually. You put Tony romo's picture. Stories off FedEx Field you think Redskins would be like tunnels are due up. There with your friends are Smart enough to understand that the league it's promoting big gain no way they would lose their minds but -- -- I don't think it'll be a national story to be so upset. But every year. Have a -- you you don't respect the people that make you billions of dollars are right now all the -- CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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