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Flacco, Suggs, Smith reflect on Ed Reed


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Wed, 18 Sep 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot com the sea island that none other side you know on the -- gain as they approach it you know he's on the best. Safeties ever and he knows he's he still plays at a very high level. And obviously the scramble we've played against a lot of people who you know we're friends that split. -- -- that was not there Espinosa Bowery. You know Martin now we know as receivers and had to be an up. He's accused relates to me -- going into. A few other guys term big beautiful ball so is this. You have be -- -- to see you can always didn't. He's my opponent. So he's no longer Wear colors. And we will try to win the game. I knew Ed -- is a Baltimore Ravens before I started playing on the Baltimore Ravens so it makes it a little bit different you know he's kind of makes him is -- the kind of makes him. You know little bit more than a teammate of mine in the here at one point I was a fan it is that I think that's what makes it a little bit differently -- that and that's what makes it different for everybody. -- Baltimore and everybody around the country is that they know him as a Baltimore Ravens. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. Joe Flacco on Ravens Postgame Live-1/9

    congratulations on it was a pretty big day for you guys Joe Flacco and date for passing yards. Total yards per for Cilic ..... play the Steelers. The last to never return Polamalu QB Joe Flacco . And the Steelers getting one they're Baltimore

  2. Joe Flacco is ready for New England

    last year he's quote. We're gonna win but remember Joseph Flacco outplayed Tom Brady in a game last year yet the questions still ..... quarterbacks no matter how you what do the 50 leaked. Joseph Flacco is a winning quarterback. You go out there and you play. To

  3. Joe Flacco is looking to continue his good play against Pittsburgh

    there on Sunday on the field and he doesn't seem bad out there. Under now. With out on Sunday of course the ravens' Joseph Flacco will be right there and he's been like to hire meant to the Ravens he's never missed a game. As matter of fact the last

  4. Joe Flacco says he has no beef with Reed after comments-1/18

    quarterback. Saying that that Joseph Flacco looked rattled they came against the Texans ..... alone by itself. You know the way Joseph Flacco is handling novice I guess that's exactly ..... job hardball rookie quarterback Joseph Flacco three years ago in Pittsburgh. AFC championship

  1. What they did is is they protected Joseph Flacco when he when he dropped the quarterback ..... progress and Islamic and protect Joseph Flacco the running game will come along. Well ..... after. And provided protection for Joseph Flacco is not about the number of yards rushing

  2. Torrey Smith talks Texans


    Fri, 20 Sep 2013

    Right now to the defending champs and it is a cornerback recently in Baltimore when they have other franchise guy and Joseph Flacco . They did so their best possession receivers and niners however they don't have number 82 average parent to kind of what

  3. CSN Baltimore dot time now for four rounds for questions we pose. So our insiders today what Ravens insider for CSN Baltimore dot com Clifton brown who joins us. From the under performance center in Owings Mills good to see my friend how are you. I don't you Tom good all right here we go first down

  4. be the fundamental. Thing that we're based on here in Baltimore you have to play great defense to be great football team. Flacco had a kid what a game but he went to the first half we didn't play very well to a six on third downs in second half he was

  5. CSN Baltimore dot com's right right. Let's get news and this time last well okay congratulations to Dana first of all you know. Just get the job done on her own out there. I appreciate that Dan thank you thank you. Daniel congratulation Daniel he's he's healthy and greater role. It's interesting

  6. CSN Baltimore dot com's right right. Let's get news and this time last well okay congratulations to Dana first of all you know. Just get the job done on her own out there. I appreciate that Dan thank you thank you. Daniel congratulation Daniel he's he's healthy and greater role. It's interesting

  7. real life and that would be a Marlon Brown is the guys came in last as productive. He had story he was getting looks Joseph Flacco needs to throw to somebody and it's gonna Marlon Brown if you look at this week's matchup against the Browns. Torrey Smith

  8. CSN Baltimore dot com I think after the first game you're always it would. Kinda see where you are and make the corrections do that you really Philip did you make and the improvement is that second week and you know I don't think we are where we thought we were. You know we didn't make some plays

  9. Reason for concern for the Ravens?


    Sun, 8 Sep 2013

    Smith getting double being. And a all the receivers Joseph Flacco being forced to go elsewhere so I think that's going to be ..... I think the positive audit you know experienced players like Flacco Ray Rice. They're not gonna and musicals is there. However

  10. ravens' practice facility as special guests. Yeah and then me after practice Garfield got to meet his favorite players Joseph Flacco . Yeah made. Torrey Smith and look back. Cracking me doing it and of course the right. We've done good. Italian. and

  11. Ravens get embarrassed in Denver


    Fri, 6 Sep 2013

    there's no updates at this point stroke Jones left the game with a sprained knee Michael or. Injured ankle. As such Joseph Flacco the quarterback said after the game when you lose two starters it certainly takes its affect. At this point it's going to

  12. this hole we were concerned that Joseph Flacco had thirty. Pass attempts at the half ..... had three. Give your assessment of San Flacco the first game out after being Super Bowl MVP. Well Joseph Flacco talked about those interceptions and then

  13. CSN Baltimore dot com's. Obviously it's frustrating I mean there were playing a good game hang in there. You know we didn't on the balls close to him make plays when they're presented to us. Having said that we are still running game and we to start the second half half off really bad they're gonna

  14. CSN Baltimore dot com. Obviously when you think about Denver what you guys did last year there and your team that you have had an You must sort of take some some good feelings from yeah yeah I mean obviously moves they would winning game two that supply us. I mean we match well would We know what

  15. the season. I think there's probably two one of them has to be a wide receiver position. You know bold meant so much to Flacco is such a leader for that group I don't think anyone's worried about Torrey Smith. There's a lot of uncertainty at that

  16. pretty good. And not only did Joseph Flacco help Denver's season last playoffs ..... been as an underdog or favorite Joseph Flacco and the Ravens. Are five or so kick off ..... the answer saying quote. He's Joseph Flacco . Something Denver Bronco fans. Know

  17. CSN Baltimore dot com's. They I mean Erica I can't believe and I mean I can't imagine. People are city to be too happy it's. somebody from another team was hanging on our stadium so. Mean I didn't have anything to do it. You're takes each loss is school from there anymore if I'm sure man I thought

  18. decided pretty huge picture of Joseph Flacco . Next to Peyton Manning so Phoenix ..... that the NFL wants to promote Joseph Flacco and again playing well at this. If they I think it does not remotely Joseph Flacco . This happens every year but it kicked

  19. on the road in Denver. Now to promote next Thursday's game the league posted banners of Peyton Manning and got old Joseph Flacco around town and that the stadium. Denver fans. Well they're not so happy about it it's. The billboards that created quite

  20. storm watch Ray Rice five for five Joseph Flacco Clifton. What the world happen after ..... and Ravens made too many mistakes Joseph Flacco on a pick six go another does that as ..... interesting to watch. This year with Joseph Flacco and these new receivers. We have the