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Will Jacoby Jones have a bigger role against Pittsburgh?



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Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot com the coach -- wide receiving -- didn't -- you know just a couple weeks ago. -- we had three guys there were -- for the game. Having to -- back. Adds another dimension. -- that goes against the -- last week -- well not so much was just seeing how he responds to me how fast is your real. It would hold up from the team standpoint he's been great so. -- -- -- should experience. And certainly as a kick returner as well without -- we saw him almost like there where is explosive and you could see this these. He's got that -- goes from here. Sixty record so it's it's he's a playmaker nor a speed guy at the expense -- field. Silver lining to god it's been hurt for us and we wanted to get a chance to see Marlon brown and Woodson can do how impressed -- you did from the is it just wasn't. Lewis definitely has done great notion that a couple plays late do you two huge plays for us but he's still growing -- -- going to do better as we go forward. These stay healthy needs a lot of our condolences from the start defending him as -- -- and you'll -- your future but. He's off to a good start he -- in -- -- it was rated them and it's even think about mid season and he thinks he's adjusted now to. Was in front of family chooses -- He's played the position before. He understands old concepts finish is capable of putting the concepts together and you know -- on the field so. You know by my -- -- one bad play in the game and you know I think is important to -- This match of great and Stewart smash mouth you know it's physical but I think. Every match up for something unique about that matchup that's different than just those things what do you think in this game. They can be unique to this game and maybe she took it to winning it. Well you know football every game -- -- and there's so many ways for every game is the same so many ways to scramble around and things that are listening. -- RI play sound football protecting the football running the football protecting quarterback. Not giving up big plays play solid ball and at the end I was gonna make plays and make a difference. -- those things remain the same how it plays out -- -- -- and makes those plays and all that close watch sports should be grateful. I know some of the guys who understand what this robbery isn't Sunday when they step on the field you have some guys going for the first time. And talking to them this week it's that you had a message early on about this the Steelers week and there's a different feel about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every game in this league is very tough every AFC -- game is even tougher. And probably -- you trust the toughest of all so. Number we enjoyed the. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. Harbaugh: running game is 'the major problem' on offense'

    CSN Baltimore dot com now. Does he does after every game on Sunday because John Harbaugh through the Davis. I felt better I feel better when we win at the everybody had a lot of fun. It is does a lot more fun but

  2. Harbaugh: "Every game is unique...every game is the same."

    CSN Baltimore dot com the coach wide receiving didn't you know just a couple weeks ago. we had three guys there were for the game. Having to back. Adds another dimension. that goes against the last week well not so much was just seeing how he responds to me how fast is your real. It would hold up

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    CSN Baltimore dot com doesn't happen too often with the Ravens and Steelers matchup and a first place in the division. Isn't on the line but that's the case here the Ravens at 33 the Steelers water before you can use that cliche throw the records out. But the Ravens aren't interested in that. They

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    CSN Baltimore dot com. Will be your fourth and knowing I mean you high percentage opportunities to make that fourth one. I like our chances you don't make you go back a problem one. Feel really good about making punt on their own zone you know field position come back in the way. They punted fifty

  1. See in Baltimore dot com. Their players they coach you go put on fourth down for the one and I know I've been around guys that love run the football just like Joseph Gibbs and Andy Reid you feel that your offense can get that one yard when you look at that play if you look at the film do you think

  2. CSN Baltimore dot com's. Well the frustration is clearly setting in for this Ravens offense. There's Ravens can't seem to get any production out of their running game just 47 yards on the ground here today. Against the Packers while they're averaging averaging just two point seven yards a carry

  3. CSN Baltimore dot Made some really good plays out of pocket the second half I thought we got a couple first downs there. A lot of pressure. He's patient there you know your whole body Leo took some sacks material and found some moments. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

  4. See us in Baltimore dot com we're driving down over Michael John Hall while the Baltimore Ravens coach. One of them a week ratio last week we go off a lot this week a big win Ifill. I feel a lot better integrating these close games and one where they go the other three points one way or three point

  5. CSN Baltimore dot com's. great rice said this is a did did you Ravens performance they had to grind this one out wasn't pretty but it was effective. the Ravens come down to Miami. And walked out with a road victory. We're never gonna give. what's who has and keep fight that we know it's never going

  6. performance to win the day because even though there was sacked a lot he kept getting up to make it plays. After we heard from is John Harbaugh about to some injuries on the offensive line is at the back spasm understand during warm tried to give it to go. Eight Q

  7. CSN Baltimore dot com's. Against Jacksonville because Yeah. I don't know I have to think of each separately determine kind of passed their run and guys came through I mean you know addiction huge tension off. Yeah. I'm just gonna get into McDonald's initially I don't want to talk about mcdonalds

  8. CSN Baltimore dot com and the way game is exactly what they look like. You know. We've got to be more physical up front line and pass your report record to give our run game and Baxter more patient and attract. We make more plays down field and make catches you know right from suppress somebody

  9. CSN Baltimore dot com the coach over the years this team and and she was the coach is always to come back after tough losses do you like this challenge to the team has to face during the week coach's standpoint out of practice getting ready for the next game. Lake you have to go through this week.

  10. CSN Baltimore dot com. At Torrey Smith I mean this young man has this has been getting better better yesterday five assistant. Over under sixty yards and when you look at him in a ways develop. You know do you think Torre can keep it going does he need somebody else the comic take a little bit of

  11. CSN Baltimore dot com you said that you all have been not have not play well on the road. What needs to change to make sure that you can get on the road had that same type of have a hole. Right we get we play solid football on their Bryan and we have not played solid football we've given up big

  12. Is Joe Flacco a franchise QB?


    Mon, 30 Sep 2013

    filed chickens are excellent and he's still want it. Happens every now and how badly talk about taking the Flacco we off. John Harbaugh go ahead and take the flak for that plaza doors just goes there he knows he threw it I picked them and how do you see that

  13. Harbaugh: 'We've got to play better'


    Mon, 30 Sep 2013

    See us in Baltimore dot com exactly. The way I thought the game is exactly what the tape look like you know. We got to be more physical up front runner past. a quarterback a chance give our run game a chance backs because you're more patient runner tracks. We don't make more plays downfield we

  14. CSN Baltimore dot coms John Harbaugh . Has a long long and charm city and plenty of cool to go ..... improve. He goes one on one of our prayers. One on one with coach Harbaugh is presented by Thompson creek window company the official

  15. See in Baltimore dot com because our Ray Rice didn't play yesterday but is there any chance he'll be back this. There is a chance to be back this week he was close last week I say the same thing for Chris Canty. Now handicap exactly but but those guys have a chance. Harrison bit dugout they can

  16. CSN Baltimore dot com Jacoby Jones is there we last night. You know what your thoughts on that what do you tell your team about is that like that. Well first thing I told was no more my dad always told us that nothing good happens after midnight you know sort retiree who are these things it's that

  17. CSN Baltimore dot com can you talk about it a little bit yesterday and he's seen the improvement from week one to three in accordance to where you. May I guess it would be on schedule and you see it getting even better is go. What about this team and you know I've told them you know that we've.

  18. CSN Baltimore dot com. So yeah report about your. Team's injured his worst it right now yet regarding Joseph B we got reports of that. No morning this morning sometime I think I heard about that. As far as him he's fine he went through everything today he was supposed to go through didn't miss

  19. Ravens have to game plan around Watt


    Sat, 21 Sep 2013

    dangerous individual back there with a lot of knowledge and he certainly obviously adds experience I think today. Groups I know John Harbaugh said this week Ray Rice game time decision on Sunday does that make it a challenge when you're game planning. In not knowing

  20. CSN Baltimore dot coms. one on one with coach Harbaugh is presented by Thompson creek window company the official window company of the Baltimore Ravens. When you look at the Texas