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Harbaugh more concerned with Ravens than Dolphins



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Mon, 30 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com. At Torrey Smith I mean this young man has this has been getting better better yesterday five assistant. Over under sixty yards and when you look at him in a ways develop. You know do you think Torre can keep it going -- does he need somebody else the comic take a little bit of that pressure off him. Our definition males and take pressure off of my I think Torre can keep a dorm we've got to do a good job supporting him. And guys making plays around him there's been deathly things story can work -- to get better. He's -- he'll do unnecessarily Torre is -- you know when it's my that we need to get to Kobe back immediately got -- -- out there. That's got to start playing force. You know Dallas I think continue to do what he's doing he's got a little force. Knew he Brannon back on the field that should help us we just we just gotta do good better job all the way across the board of making plays for Joseph and I don't know -- -- to. -- coach we've talked so much in the and it you have got a lot of teams in this league -- -- to step up your opponent next week. The Miami Dolphins this injury plan tonight. But they have started the play a lot better as you look forward -- go -- as fans we don't see it another week you always are looking ahead. What is it about Miami that you think makes him so good at what. Can you do to get a victory down there. Well we got to go play well and that's the the bottom line is we -- be concerned about -- you know we've got to play better ourselves we've got to get we've got to get something going on first and second down offensively. And get ourselves in third and manageable more often have a chance to extend some -- needs some more long drives and not even defensively we can do their job first down run and pass. The foursome in the long yard situations and you know get a chance to get after the quarterback a little bit forcing turnovers. You know keep improving on special teams but I'm more concerned with how -- player right now than than any opponent we just got to do -- job. As a coach or defensive minded coach. I just one more question I gotta get shot you're right ten he'll. Former receiver very mobile guy what kind of differences does he bring to the game that a guy would just drop back and sit in their pockets. Well I mean you know -- figures for guys to drop backs in the pocket guy you wanna get in my office spot you know you wanna get movement. You like him office platform make him throw on the move a little bit. The guy like ten Hiller some of the guys who played last few hates. You know you like you mother spot here you are forced to throw out of pocket try to collapse around on because he can make some things happen resides are running around so. It's just kind of the opposite challenge with each one of those types of guys that you talked about. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  8. good month says Sosa Lamas. All right by I do we got god they're not desires target better you know Sundays is a game and in and miserable night. The Dolphins defense so we passed them those out there about. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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