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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot coms. To -- those -- -- the Ravens are a state of emergency. So it's made a statement after losing the Steelers Sunday night. So that not some rookies who doesn't really know what he's talking about he's a former defensive player of the year. He's been through all -- up and down with a great franchise and he doesn't like what he's -- and Ravens so far this season. There's three of four of -- two games behind the Cincinnati Bengals and when they return from the side so once the Ravens to start winning not just talk about what. That's why he made the statement we'll see what kind of impact it has been -- -- returned from about. Ray Rice could be the -- for the Ravens in the second half this season offensively. A lot of people think he started so mileage on his legs from all the carries he's had since college. I don't buy that quite yet. In fact the last couple games not seen right smoke a little more lively than he has when he first returned from the hip injury that he suffered early this year. I think a week off and help right to -- it -- back even more. And in -- they have this season if Ray Rice and start playing like Ray Rice because really opened up there off. Give the Ravens defense some credit they had a really rough start and -- won against Peyton Manning but since then the Ravens defense had given them a chance to win every game. No the run defense has not been as good this should be -- the Ravens have been really stingy in the red zone and it kept the offense in the game. Even with -- all the we announced they had offensive. If the Ravens defense can keep playing at this level they've got a shot to make a second half run. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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