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Offensive break downs cost the Ravens in Pittsburgh



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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Time now for us to go four rounds and today we had up to the under -- former senator in Owings Mills Maryland save by. One winning drivers their -- Brett terrorist threat we start with first down. A year ago and the Ravens mustered just 82 rushing yards against the Steelers on Sunday Baltimore. -- the rushing game would get on track what would you say is the state of the Ravens rush attack. Right now. Well there's still concerned with -- in regards to their running game and you know I was a week ago there's a lot of the players want to -- coaches who wanted to make changes in the blocking scheme you want to simplify. The way they -- they're going about their blocking and they did that in this game against the Steelers now. As I talk to players after the game a lot of said it was a step forward but there's still a lot of work to be done. There were a few more holes. There -- few more opportunities. And our backs Ray Rice and a thirteen yard run that was his longest run -- it since week one of the season. And so while they saw a little bit of improvement there's still plenty more to do I think the -- is a good time. To continue working on it but I think they saw some good things out of that Steelers game. On second down and out Torrey Smith was held in check. For the second straight game our team started to figure out that they hold him down the rest of the offense will follow. While clearly when you go into a game against the Ravens turn things they wanna stop Ray Rice. They wanna stop Maurice Smith and so teams are game planning to take towards it. Out of the game for the Ravens now with the Ravens need to do a few more creative certainly Torrey Smith is the number one option for Joseph Flacco. And the Ravens have to be able to figure out ways. Did football for inventories -- that he had three catches and had one big catch in the second half. But he needs to be more consistent they need to get him involved I think earlier more often. -- -- -- -- -- third down and we. Thought the Ravens offense used more hurry up in Pittsburgh. Something they had success the last season. Is this a sign of things to come in your estimation. Let's be honest it's where Joseph Flacco is most comfortable to matter of fact last year when they went to the hurry up the no huddle. That's what he had the most success and so I think they're trying to get back to that now we saw the watch. In Pittsburgh I think Joseph is most comfortable with it but so yes I do think the Ravens gonna continue building off that you'll see a lot more of that thought coming up after the plywood. Our car was fourth down we got a little boy. Do you think John Harbaugh has regretted the decision to go the onside kick with -- team trailing thirteen to nine at -- -- Well one thing did you know about. Head coach John Harbaugh is that he typically doesn't regret any opinion so after the game he said. Very matter of factly that they felt like they drew did that onside kick girls they would've called -- on side kicks at that point. And -- does what is the game kind of dictated. Where coach Harbaugh also like the Steelers have those long drives his defense is on the field way too long finish he said they tried to steal a possession. It didn't work it was a gamble but I don't think Judd John Harbaugh would change everything. One Monday when I go back to do it any different. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  12. See in Baltimore dot com. Their players they coach you go put on fourth down for the one and I know I've been around guys that love run the football just like Joseph Gibbs and Andy Reid you feel that your offense can get that one yard when you look at that play if you look at the film do you think

  13. CSN Baltimore dot com now. Does he does after every game on Sunday because John Harbaugh through the Davis. I felt better I feel better when we win at the everybody had a lot of fun. It is does a lot more fun but. A little bit about things about the game is. The running game struggle a bit gives.

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