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Ravens defense proud to step up and honor Ray Lewis



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com -- now. On its fourth on the line here it'll might Shawne Merriman Shawne lights out merit. Local talent here in DC showing right into him and what's been going on which. I'm -- well made this you'll still working out train like Moscow blood is sure to watch the film and enjoy some of those TB stuff that I don't. Are talking about soon found evidence -- it's become an odd that we badly on -- look -- for. Yeah. Around Christmas -- -- they VT special with a bunch comedians. You know be Gray Davis -- on Ali. -- watch all -- Loretta DeVine it'll be -- -- movies I can't wait for to come up. Well I'm sure you keep a close all watch allowing a local team here. Washington Redskins and when you look at them starting also slow what does the World Series you seemed to be starting off this way. Well 41 you got RG three who was hurt most of all season. And trying to catch up now when you have a quarterback help of his stature he needs get a rhythm what -- wide receivers and often it. And he's got a -- with that right now let's face he won't be -- -- sometime in December -- lead back and almost a -- they got some time before they get it together nobody. You go to Iowa when you played the game you were unbelievable pass -- we have some guys here. And on Kerrigan and also Iraq though our guy that needs to get to the quarterback Wesley your -- of those guys so for. What it is no question they can rush the pass is no doubt about that they've done in the past they -- What the case big Campbell won a -- they have right now is getting not to Philip third downs. If you can't get out to -- third downs as they get these -- -- chances to go lucky it's only game you know not gonna be an a when a situation but also. The offense has to put the defense a better field position. In note from the way games. I bowed -- -- Baltimore. Ray Lewis -- question leadership of the Baltimore Ravens twice this year and won't most seriously out -- the Jacoby Jones visited. When you live racing that they as you say it. Do you agree with them and also -- give me your thoughts on world champions so form. Well it ray revealed exactly right -- -- people understand is Gil re with the lead on the field and and of course -- last couple years while he was there. You'll physically and it's that wasn't wasn't able Woody did you look he is all of that on affiliate. They'll win that down halftime he's wanted to got the -- to also look gas we got to get together we have to find a way. -- win this game and right now -- there's a put they got now they have to or else and few people's been their -- little bit but when you lose a guy out like Ray Lewis is not on automatically. Jump back to this -- get things that make everything ready get so I think they'll get it together they have to find a guy that to come out in it and believe it. Start -- right up there in New York Jets he had this little thing where if any player doesn't need the impact does that make all the ability in a game. Everybody has Duke puts -- even the owner. Would that have I guess it would have gotten over -- flown over why you played on the team are -- just shut that down. You -- -- that they get everybody who pushes you don't have possible Kmart I think that much but out. -- what will whatever whatever words would ever get -- going -- get them. It took to get them costly penalties all the feel the -- Phillies you know as any football player -- we'll kill you and that's what's been happened what bills got the pistol this push up. Running spreads are right now if they've whenever they gotta do to get you don't get that thing together that they have to get it done. You know we all play we both play in the NFL when you look back into college you see I agree did doing that makes you smile a little bit more. Now you look at your Chargers falloff point oh can you give me your thoughts are on their fast start and why you think it started so -- What they want you have Michael Oxley whose levels golf was -- years and now back there who -- Cuba allowed -- and -- and state got there the school and I'm excited what's going on there right now gives up a little bit more to cheer about it -- meal of the political around town and talking trash in. Definitely -- might hurt the goat there and enjoyed it gave me get that when a spirit back this so you know go to our. As you are. I played Bouchard called you lights out where did that name come from and also the fact that it. Went out -- -- squad not doubtful Gaza one game figured. Every every level you that you had to keep going about it yet if you go -- -- improvement maybe over nobody is yet to go and knock somebody got in college got to go knock somebody out of -- that. That made this they won't be like -- basketball may have brought the pocket has always been around so I think today I'm probably fortieth fiftieth sixtieth though obvious they'll call lights out. Well ironically you have a foundation when you do a lot right there California also back here you do a call and new coat drive. At the University of Maryland it's called lights all. You know tells a little bit about the foundation and what you have going on. Well lot of a lot of people new love -- outbreak and how I was raised in the metropolitan area brought up PG county and always in about an open this is to get back that I wouldn't that's never stops my sophomore year at university -- -- that was the lights all -- drive and will be had to become the chilly out I'll begin about the dates on my Twitter at some merriment. To a lot of the bits coming up for the lack all foundation is it's been great the support apart we'll build one in America. Peta Salvation Army -- -- called back and everybody who's been. Involved in in in organization all these years and I'm really thankful to have because you know a lot of people don't get that get that choice. -- ratio you coming you're gonna do that -- you let -- -- he knows what's on lap would have to be willing to help -- out and get them get the word out for you. But we do something on -- with the lack caught a top three and what I want to know from usage you with such a great line backing your own right. Boy you're a top three linebackers of all time. You hopeful want to got to go lower still and I just got the opposition but he revolutionized the game. He had a great special on other night is the show what -- -- with him how -- changed the game if Levin made outs out lob back as a pass rusher of specialty of the game. Two album go Ray Lewis. Could Natalie -- our generation but I think as a middle linebacker. He will nobody was more scary here. More more powerful more relentless on the field the handful log time at three out of the -- big buckets for this -- top. All time Hart mills. Obligates Joba gets you'll don't usually brown by any means necessary just one of the hardest hardest players -- played against an old in my top three of all time. Heyman asked pretty good names read it and I want you to join that group but before we go -- have a message undertake to Carlos Hernandez. Chick Hernandez you know -- -- nor they with -- against. -- God don't you. Beth Beth Bombay and it's not that I'm -- -- -- you don't too much of Jody had to be up what's Julio is not massively pretty -- upon a way to get out get get back at least I'm not gonna definitely much that's lament. I've -- looked -- you very much Jonathan good luck on the movies and that is going to come and also read what the word out what you meant present. I will base -- he got sick out lights out brand that can't afford putting too cold one coming out to. I -- we would definitely will argument. CSN Baltimore dot coms.

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