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3 and Out: Ravens takeaways after win over Miami



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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

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CSN Baltimore dot com's. Getting -- -- of football has to continue to be apart from the grave offense the rest of the season. Historically the right at the -- ball the Ravens win. They are nineteen in two all time for Ray -- had when he parent more football. It happened again Sunday gets in golf and writes that 27 Darren Warner Ravens win when he took the ball to them out all but the lives and writes -- find the rhythm of the game progressed. Getting Ray -- of football is one of the keys to the Ravens attack. The rest of the way home a lot debate about whether Torrey Smith is a true number one receiver. Or just the best receivers the Ravens head. Stop the debate. Troy Smith is a true number one seed. He's on pace to have more than 17100 yard receiving this year was to make -- one of the top NFL season in the league. Wells. May be on his way to -- -- -- best even I know he was defensive player of the year 2011. Plus other than just doing it on the field he's a leader off the field and what's his son the three sacks in the fourth quarter that type of defense informed performance you don't see too often from of the top defensive player. Wells. It may be having his best season when he wins a defensive player of the year award for now. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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