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4 Downs: Will Ravens WRs make an impact vs. Bills?



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com and four downs is brought to you by Hollywood casino Charles town races. Welcome back to Geico football tonight Charley casserly rejoins us and just moments -- time -- go four downs when Arab right Harris. -- your ego first rate rise in this last. Week's game against Houston after suffering a hip flexor injury. What is his status for Sunday's game against Buffalo. -- certainly a good sign that Ray Rice returned to practice this week in the race said. He expects to be out on the field this Sunday against the bills now. The Ravens are taking much more cautious approach they've won -- note that the hip flexor injury is fully healthy before they put him out on the field. So Sunday it'll be game time decision whether or not Ray Rice played certainly the Ravens could use him. The rushing attack is near the bottom of the NFL they averaged just two point six yards -- -- Torrey Smith has been the target of over a quarter of Joseph Flacco is passes this season which brings just a second down. The Ravens need to make a concerted effort to spread the ball around. I will say it's no surprise that Torrey Smith as most catches on the team's got sixteen. Because he is the number one wide receiver for the Ravens. Now giving the other players involved has been a bit of a process I think Jacoby jones' injury because he was familiar with the offense and Joseph Flacco. Hurts them a little bit it has been a process. Dallas -- Brandon Stokley who go to the offense they did in the off season to work with Joseph. And then a guy like Marlon Brown is a rookie and so it's been a learning process I do expect those guys to be more involved. As the season goes all. How much on the spot for third down the Ravens defense is not allowed a rushing touchdown this season. If that trend continue on Sunday. The Ravens defense will be tested against your dynamic running backs Fred Jackson. And CJ Spiller now that rushing attack for the -- fifth best in the NFL for the Ravens know they have to stop the run first that's going to be the game plan. I've talked to some of the guys in the locker room this week and while they've been very happy with how their defense is -- especially the last two weeks. They also said this is a week to week business and if they don't go out and get the job done against the bills certainly opinions can change. And lastly fourth down break you've been around this team for a long long time were you surprised by ray lewis' comments. This week on the Ravens leadership issues especially since this is a day after the team honor and well surprise but I think even more importantly a big guys here -- Ravens players and coaches and staff. Or even a bit more surprised maybe even take him off guard a little bit because Ray Lewis as we all know is a great leader. He didn't on the field for seventeen years. But they do feel they have some great leaders in that locker room whether it's a loaded daughter Terrell Suggs. Joseph Flacco. And so many other guys in the locker room. And it has been pointed out even with Ray Lewis here there were things that happened off the field it's time to time so. A good leader doesn't always stops will be off the field stuff. I think the Ravens were a bit taken back by ray lewis' comments. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. like to do a lot of times that scheme. We let it bounce all the way back out and we've got good edges toward defense with Suggs and Upshaw and Dumervil those guys did a great job of us. Keeping the ball inside so. Our linebackers especially Gerald Smith

  2. CSN Baltimore dot com the sea island that none other side you know on the gain as they approach it you know he's on the best. Safeties ever and he knows he's he still plays at a very high level. And obviously the scramble we've played against a lot of people who you know we're friends that split.

  3. defense really started with the pressure on the quarterback Suggs Dumervil the whole group really. Did a nice job. No question ..... defense. By the way nobody has more sex against the Browns than Suggs and Dumervil fourteen and ten. Respectively. And then you

  4. t even play we've won. The Ravens gave after Brandon in today it wasn't just one guy there's been a lot of talk about Suggs and Tuberville. Both of those guys really showed up today. But also like the fact the Ravens it came from a lot of different

  5. CSN Baltimore dot com I think after the first game you're always it would. Kinda see where you are and make the corrections do that you really Philip did you make and the improvement is that second week and you know I don't think we are where we thought we were. You know we didn't make some plays

  6. CSN Baltimore dot com's. I think this week the Ravens spent a lot of time on defense obviously wanted to play much better they did against the Denver Broncos particularly in the secondary. The Ravens gave up seven touchdowns as the Peyton Manning was obviously isn't going to the job done. And there

  7. the most optimism probably is with the pass rush you know you they've never had another guy like Dumervil opposite Terrell Suggs and that's not to take anything away from them Paul Kruger Dumervil assisted different dimension I mean he's a

  8. know his legacy is left to stand here. And down every man on defense will be held accountable for incidents and. Well Terrel Suggs is now the unquestioned leader of the ravens' defense. From his 2003 NFL defensive rookie of the year. To being the overall

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  11. dot com's. would warm pre season is Philip. CSN Baltimore dot com Clifton brown Clinton good to see you see her Terrell Suggs they're talking about the team's defense. In terms of improvement from what they were able to see on film on Thursday

  12. CSN Baltimore dot com's. Big spending is going really well and dome. As they did because you know the pre season it is as wide as the precedes you need to know exactly where you are. And down you know like say it tonight after the game by the night of the game excuse me dome. We we did do that we

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  15. CSN Baltimore dot com there's. And so. You know around I don't think we need to jump to conclusion right now and we don't green and only like to say it is. Is first round we plan together against you know live action and a good start so long we have some things we obviously got to work on but. You

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  18. Orakpo has I've got to go Terrel Suggs here defensive. Player of the year ..... someday yes fired get fourteen sacks Terrell Suggs already done that. Die you know ..... gotta go to guys improve and some Suggs . At the risk of being caught laps

  19. read any these much quieter than Terrelle Suggs away Ed Reed was much quieter than Ray ..... player in the ravens' defense not and Suggs war. But he was still the leader because ..... now it doesn't necessarily have to be Suggs or not it a guy like Elvis Dumervil whose

  20. lot of trash talking on the ravens' practice I imagine Terrel Suggs is in the center of it all what was going on. No question Alves in defense and really competing at one point Suggs said the flag go you can't quarterback refereed the same time