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CSN Baltimore dot com Brent we've known jail a long time he is not a guy who likes the spotlight. He kind of gets nervous and all this you talked him before he got back all he was very nervous. How is he now in the days leading up to actual the event. Rob I would say now 48 hours out until the tribe in ceremony will be officially inducted. Into the pro football hall of fame and John Ogden is very. Relaxed and if you know JO you know his love. For golf that certainly has helped you played here at the Glen more country club yesterday when he got into town then today. PGA tour event. Just down the street the Bridgestone invitational so jail went over walk the grounds. Followed Tiger Woods for -- the day he told me that he kind of had that tiger effect. On tiger so while -- following tiger. You watched him snap hooked -- into another fairway watched a couple of bogeys as soon as he left tiger's group Tigers went on a vicious Ryan. Had three or four birdies in a row there and he said well maybe I just didn't bring tiger. Good luck but you don't like just the fact that he's a couple of days away seem so relaxed. Two more night they'll have the gold jacket dinner Joseph told -- he's very much looking forward to that. I had a chance just moments ago to sit down. With -- former raven the big left tackle and now the hall of Famer to discuss his excitement. For the event coming up in just two days here in -- I got -- this'll -- zero amount I don't have time to think were anything but. With the next thing I gotta go do so but right now I'm just kind of in that mode almost -- played kind of lake. Was -- vehicle -- so -- By that rationale I'm actually kinda -- any thought to -- about Theriot does it feel like he did and we can net a little bit yes they did Derrick you know. -- got to be here is third time to do certain you know some have put because they're held on actually anybody. But as far as scheduling yes it is but that's good -- kind of keep my mind off with a hole. Saturday the pressure building up to the hole. It's trying to ceremony. How many times if you read through the have you practiced in the mirror and a lot of people like to do that and -- -- I mean I don't know why you practice and they're good you'll see yourself when you do that you look you know both the crowd I -- I did. I practices. And I -- out loud and imagine that I'm looking out. You know most you know thousand people but I don't think you pick him actually prepare you -- when you -- -- -- do -- so I'm just. Try to make sure I know my points and in the kind of Chicago's mayor metal and try not stress out too much over -- Matt. Because most of them that Ray Lewis Michael did appear in -- to the public just got to let go for a guy who's in the background like. You see beyond what you don't do much problem they have those well woods. And he certainly did for twelve years the best left tackle in football Ozzie Newsome said. He is in his by the best to ever play the position. And rob what do incredible week for. For JO celebrating his birthday yesterday he also told me he sort of -- to Saturday night he is gonna go first as far as the speeches are concerned. And he's looking forward to getting it over with and and sitting back relaxing and enjoying. The rest of the night. Yeah pretty good life for jail from saint all the -- to the Ravens -- Super Bowl title. Announced the hall of fame Brent Harris thank you so much for a -- another live report from -- tonight at seven. On training camp -- CSN Baltimore dot com's.

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  1. Brent Harris in Canton as Ogden prepares for HOF

    golf that certainly has helped you played here at the Glen more country club yesterday when he got into town then today. PGA tour event. Just down the street the Bridgestone invitational so jail went over walk the grounds. Followed Tiger Woods for

  2. Eddie George on what makes Ray Lewis special

    you we'd better AM every once in at least it was in listen it is what day. We're it was person it was I was first PGA tour winner and can't forbid I don't play that bad day then so be it did it matter you heard to the next. They've got

  3. Michael Jenkins recaps the weekend at Congressional with John Feinstein

    haven't seen anything like this watching a war movie what's been going on around here in the last few days and the PGA tour made a decision on Saturday it was more important have a television show. The net spectators they just called the round

  4. PGA officials discuss the wild weather at Congo

    tournament again and it was tiger tiger chicken and for birdie on six sell their. Are refusing ounces sound like the PGA tour but. Yeah you bet you when no one out there you know tiger does something Jerry Kelly Johnson live at congressional thanks

  1. looked like how we gonna play 36 holes today. In those looking Dicey. But that they've they've lost their home visit PGA tour what they're hard working hard effort that the golf course was playable. To wanna say from spectators. With the trees

  2. Fair him to make a and put their hand up it was pretty funny and just went out there. You Jack Nicklaus second most PGA tour wins what does that mean yeah. Wanted stuff I've had a pretty good for a to do it on a 36 and the have I have a lot

  3. play is just incredible. That is unprecedented on the PGA tour they've never had this situation they have had an. On the Champions Tour back in 2000. But not on the PGA tour where you have no spectators and no ball in nobody clapped

  4. way. To leave Donaldson takes us on tiger's journey. It's tiger's tournament. Tiger Woods won six times on the PGA tour 2009. But no one realized that by the end of that year he would tumble into the of this that would cost him his marriage

  5. CSN Baltimore dot com. Tiger and Tiger Woods misses the cut at the Wells Fargo. This is to hit Hart's future and for how. the cut the second time at this particular golf course of this course may not be Tiger Woods video game you know that a player that we get what do you make of his body US open

  6. CSN Baltimore dot com. To confidence trailing. 59. winner in and it's not easy to win in the it was slipping away from him and I feel like I think on one. Every year in my career somewhere in the world and the seriously like quickly silenced try to get a win at LSU it's been difficult for it.

  7. CSN Baltimore dot com. That's a good stutter around here. That's a tough golf course but we had a nice but nine out and and so it was nice to take advantage. Suddenly and I enjoyed playing this golf course and I kind of three under was leading you must have been tough. And you know we'll see how

  8. CSN Baltimore dot com. Obviously. One of a sudden And one of us that not just because. You got to be careful we're often confused where each other what what. Surprise idea except for height what is that went over and attempt an attempt four weeks off so that once I got to you know. Almost exactly

  9. Csnbaltimore.com. We've missed you at the US open at congressional country club obviously Rory McIlroy it's something that hasn't dosage you did. What. After what He went through at the masters offers it to come back wouldn't tell you about the guys. And that that's just posted. News we'll learn

  10. you're competitive you are always congressional is a very talk to me it was the first place that one. My very first PGA tour event the Kemper open. So that. Congressional I know well on the golf course well so obviously. You know and I on TV

  11. CSN Baltimore dot com. With 35000. Spectators walking up this rampant through those gates. Each day of championship week you can imagine that it has taken months to turn this already beautiful golf course. Into essentially a golf amusement park. Congressional. Certainly is probably one of them.

  12. CSN Baltimore dot com. Alexis official courtesy vehicles arrived Thursday a sure sign more golfers are set to rise in the coming days. Ernie Els and Rory McIlroy I got in a practice round on Thursday despite the unofficial and possibly at 110. Degrees in the sun. So the coolest place to The

  13. in Baltimore dot com. So what are your first impressions of congressional. Like it. I really like it you know that degree and now it you know I. as I'm glad it of course so I think you and I know that a lot of changes here but you know they're not really and you may that'll hopefully it news that

  14. Hits in Baltimore dot com.

  15. The Baltimore dot com. Continuing coverage of our top story for the first time as a professional Tiger Woods is missing the US open. It's an injury aggravated at the masters that's keeping him with the congressional next week. Two Tigers most epic major titles have come at the US open his fifteen

  16. CSN Baltimore dot com. All right and it's just nine days the first round the US open will be played at congressional Tiger Woods won't be there but yet. The show must go on players of Marty began to trickle in and of course of course is in beautiful condition. Workers are busy getting the ground

  17. Houston Baltimore dot com. Something major something significant thumping glorious. Or equally horrendous is gonna have to happen for someone other than Steve wait we To win the Millwood Prince George's County open presented by under a crawl and during the final round at the University of Maryland

  18. When I was younger so in a national I've had three hearts in my chest and just out here in China trying to get on the PGA tour next year it. I've been trying an awful lot and for a long time. This is nice now I'm out here playing full time

  19. in Baltimore dot com. One for his press conference your rademan Tiger Woods took to Twitter saying he would donate one million dollars to his foundation and know asked about his Like his play this year. I tried tiger first question how do you feel on how today is supposed to we can go over two

  20. She is in Baltimore dot com. Joining us now from upon a major Florida Manuel stay at. the players longer than Tiger Woods bestselling author John Feinstein and Jon obviously you're out there watching this take place. Just your initial reaction did they withdrew due withdrawal and then it's like a