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WPL: Top college basketball programs debate-5/6

Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

Because lists are awesome, here is one jammed with notable local college basketball players to watch for the upcoming 2013-14 season, including Maryland's Dez Wells.

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  1. Fast Break with John Feinstein- 2/7

    She is in Baltimore dot com. With college basketball news I am pleased to be joined by none other than that ..... probably just a little bit as it always does in the college basketball world. Yeah it. Be the top of the rankings it stayed

  2. Kelli Johnson 1-on-1 with Mark Turgeon- 1.24

    know we lost to a really good team Wednesday that the team made plays and and played on the games ahead of the college basketball game in. What state made one more play which is their size concern you with Conley Brothers Odyssey of available

  3. Eric Prisbell on who's next on UMD's coaching recruit list- 5/8

    and they felt they're coaching search and let it go there it and it Nader stick and they would ever. It gave college basketball . More schools took it. The money more schools also resource. At an age of parity is more more and more schools

  4. Mark Turgeon's introduction press conference as the new UMD head coach- 5/11

    unbelievable job won a national championship. Final four numerous sweet sixteens but she's isn't easy to do on college basketball these days and he did it with class he did dignity. He did at the right way and I like to think that I have a

  1. CSN's college hoops 13-14 watch list


    Mon, 29 Jul 2013

    Because lists are awesome, here is one jammed with notable local college basketball players to watch for the upcoming 2013-14 season, including Maryland's Dez Wells.

  2. Calhoun: Lewis made it look easy at Northeastern


    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    While at Northeastern, Reggie Lewis developed into one of the best college basketball players in the country.

  3. GW, Mason in tourneys for the holidays


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    More local college basketball teams are learning about their holiday plans as George Washington faces Miami in the Wooden Legacy. GMU opens the Diamond Head Classic vs. Iowa State.

  4. Dakich on the time he shut down MJ


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    Dan Dakich joined SportsTalk Live on Thursday to discuss everything from the NBA to college basketball to the time he shut down Michael Jordan.

  5. and it's only once in lifetime. I remember you telling me last week. Your only goal is you wanted to play college basketball when you first came here and you worked hard and you've got so point now where your top five pick and now you

  6. D.C. media, basketball thinkers debate Wiz at 3


    Mon, 17 Jun 2013

    We polled CSN crew, D.C. media types, plus NBA and college basketball reporters and insiders on who the Wizards should draft at No. 3. The responses...

  7. Georgetown freshman big man transferring


    Tue, 30 Apr 2013

    Georgetown forward Brandon Bolden is transferring after one season on the Hilltop. Also, local college basketball news and notes.

  8. Raiders select OL Watson with No. 42 overall pick


    Fri, 26 Apr 2013

    The Raiders used their second pick of the 2013 NFL Draft on an offensive lineman who played college basketball as well.

  9. Jimmy was here. But it's going to be exciting brand of basketball wanna get up and down wanna press. We just make this event we want to be the premier team the premier college basketball team in this area. CSN Baltimore dot com's.

  10. College basketball faces fundamental crisis of identity


    Mon, 25 Mar 2013

    College basketball faces a fundamental crisis of identity, and nothing says it more than the fact that every pool in America will be won by someone without a clue.

  11. Terps prepare for Michigan State


    Sun, 24 Mar 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com's. Obviously extremely talented their physical. They're gonna guard you today they wanted to slow the game down into really rugged half court style. Play. I'm not really easily the best team that comes out and plays for forty minutes is going to be the team that advances.

  12. Fill out your bracket on NBCSports.com!


    Fri, 22 Mar 2013

    Want to prove you know college basketball better than anyone else? Then it's time to get your NCAA Tournament picks on record with NBCSports.com's free game.

  13. Gary Williams: Final Four predictions


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com's. Right so is your bracket filled out yet but Gary Williams he gives us this picks for final four and national champs and this week's top. In the midwest region which is a mystery to it's going to be very difficult. From out of their work we're competitors wouldn't be battle

  14. Gary Williams to join CSN as analyst


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    The former Maryland Terrapins head coach will join the network as a college basketball analyst.

  15. Maryland ready to return to big time college basketball


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    After a brief hiatus the Maryland Terrapins mark their return to big-time college basketball with a nationally televised tilt against the reigning national champion Kentucky Wildcats on Friday night from the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York.

  16. NCAA coach Majerus dead at 64


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Rick Majerus, the jovial college basketball coach who led Utah to the 1998 NCAA final and had only one losing season in 25 years with four schools, died Saturday. He was 64.

  17. CSN Baltimore dot to. Import is brought to you by subway trash. We we need to be I expect us to be out coaching staff players managers. Have been involved our team I expect to be really. Fired up for radio and we it's pretty get hard practices so I mean it was more about Maryland. you know we're

  18. ud-tu


    Wed, 6 Feb 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com. of them at tennis tonight as Delaware him in camp that's right first half thousand worked the ball around for Mike or well at the long three ball tiger by ten. Second half play of the game. Foam the break what the beautiful reverse layup by Jerome Hairston all day long on

  19. CSN Baltimore dot com. We don't want a big games is great this is here. And I didn't come here to be mediocre. I don't think the players came here to be mediocre and I asked him that asking for the white becoming quite you can to come. And I told well I came here. To be a partisan it's much bigger

  20. CSN Baltimore dot com. While they were gonna stop them. I think he's gonna get his points. We is one earned him we don't want have thirty points on. Ten or eleven shots I think we'll prepare for league play I don't know you know I don't know how it's gonna go repairs that we have ten guys playing