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Thu, 29 Aug 2013|


So yes in Baltimore dot com welcome into season Washington dot com for the sort of another college football season I'm Brian Jackson to a by Daniel Bard and JP Finley. We'll start with Virginia where last year. The cavs had a revolving door at quarterback. And Mike Glenn about that that would not be the case this year and he says -- -- -- they whopper at quarterback. And he was the scout team QB last season so what can we expect out of what for this year. Right so. What -- your -- that throw quick Virginia. 81 in total offense last season 95 in points per game and a 103 in rush yards per game. You don't want the this year so -- going for a change they're going for David -- he mentioned last year redshirt in previous season three touchdowns. Four interceptions so what he's gonna bring them is more mobility he's a guy who can scramble around the pocket can get open can sort of work in this more open offense. And you know do some things for the Cavaliers so we'll see if that that more pro style offense fits them fits Wofford. And you know the biggest thing they said is that he's much more confident he's a guy who. We'll stand in the pocket will get there when he needs to and you know gamblers hope that that's -- brings instant success. And Walker's gotta really have his hands full come in week one when they face a BYU team that is returning six starters on defense from last year and they only give up. Fourteen points a day and prove. Charles built to Blacksburg where Virginia Tech has a real offensive coordinator Scott Loeffler and last week the Hokies. So that you wanted to close practices end up on the school's website and was immediately taken down the JP obviously. -- is one keep things would be close to the best especially in week one. But with the Hokies get -- -- the face a tough Alabama team would even matter. I mean the short answer is no. Damage is so good just so good. They lost nine starters to the NFL last year and they're still expected to be Virginia Tech by twenty points this season. Now sure man has some holes that maybe a good Virginia Tech team can can open. The secondary for battles little -- they lost a quarterback it's going to be suspended for this game geno Smith he suspended for do you live over the summer. Also lost a couple really good players from their offensive line so to Virginia Tech defense can get the quarterback AJ McCarron maybe that would give them a shot. And don't forget Virginia Tech as a quarterback of their own Logan Thomas who many expected to go pro last year he didn't. He stayed in Blacksburg and he's expected to have a big impact on this team. The impact could come in the ACC schedule I don't see a heck of a lot. Go and be taxed way against them I think Frank Beamer is a great coach he's famous for special teams maybe there is an onside kick. -- fake punt here and there they keep it close split beating them is a really tall order. And another thing to keep in mind for that but he's taken -- -- game is Alabama 62. And 300 Nick Saban when winning games at halftime. And gonna continue what's caused far with a circling for fresh start. At quarterback where they've experienced a lot of different injuries last season began that they have a healthy CJ brown that -- the terps office look different this season. You know it it really all -- around CJ brown and you know. They wanna keep him healthy because the backup quarterback situation really still isn't. Figured out Ricardo young and -- world bowl haven't. Separated themselves. In in training camp so radiates old doesn't really know who's gonna go with so. Everything is on CG Bryan and staying healthy if he does stay healthy they've got a lot of weapons Stephon digs his arguably one of the best receivers in the conference. Deion long who's a junior college transfer had 16100 yards and point five touchdowns. Last season Iowa western those are two guys who can stretch the field and can make plays so. At the offensive line protects CJ brown isn't some time to -- -- -- digs this offense can do some things but if he goes beyond -- -- really have to sit. And we wind. The circle faceoff -- that FIU team who won paper the terps should win that game easily but if it wasn't an -- who is with this being the terps last season and ACC. What are the realistic expectations for them this year. You know it's funny to talk realistic expectations with Maryland football 'cause they vary widely depending on who you talk to him and when you talk to them honestly. But I look at a look at this Maryland team schedule and I see nine winnable games I know that sounds crazy I don't think they're gonna win nine games but I think they can compete. In nine games they've got to lose to Clemson they're gonna lose to Florida State the -- and lose Virginia Tech. But outside of that they can compete with -- everybody on that schedule. So they start with FIU and then Old Dominion both good teams capable be upset the Maryland should win those two then they just seem to win four more in the going bowling. I don't think they're going to the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl but I think there's a really good chance Maryland could end its season and ended ACC run in a bowl game and I'm predicting the military bowl. Played this year Indianapolis Maryland for the first time. And you need to set up by you'd really game right here on Comcast sports net at 1231. Saturday. We're game Marten in GP Philly I'm Brian Jackson per season Washington dot com. CSN Baltimore dot --

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