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John Feinstein talks about the Terps move



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Mon, 19 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

She is in Baltimore dot com. We want to bring in now over the phone. John Feinstein best selling -- receive when Comcast sports net all the time to give his thoughts John I'll be very direct was this the right middle. Absolutely. Michael it was the right move. Agent anything that we should it come a year ago because then. May be Maryland would have been it had the financial wherewithal to not have a -- -- seven sports last spring. The way he did it the way it did did did this is about money. The way all of these moves that have been made whether it's buying Nebraska. Or Syracuse or Pittsburgh or. Any Texas Spain -- Missouri the whole west they've all made the move for the same reason money. And you know the notion of aren't holding on to tradition. Is a wonderful idea but the tradition of Maryland in the eighth he was going by the wayside next year anyway. With the new -- with the expansion they weren't gonna play Duke twice anymore. They're going to play Duke and North Carolina home once each year every other year those two schools comments they're quote unquote traditional rivals. Who they've played twice is going to beat Pittsburgh. Which is an even any ACC right now so -- a million different reasons this was the right move from there. I wanted to ask you question that. Rob Carlin -- to doctor Lowe in the press comes just after and I thought it was very good he said how do you justify saying. We can't afford the seven sports that we're gonna have to cut but we're gonna find a way to come up with. Fifteen million dollars or something close to that figure in order to exit the ACC. Yeah I didn't hear doctor was dancer but I I am thinking it was probably something along the lines out. Over the course of the next ten to fifteen to twenty years. Would that we're gonna get back that money and much much more and that will allow Maryland. To keep the sport that it has now to do better at the sports that it has now. And maybe you know who knows maybe swimming will come back at Maryland as an old swimmer I I would hope that it does. With this new infusion of money that's why did I wish this had happened a year ago because then maybe -- -- that infusion of money coming in. They would have been able to state those seven sports but this is a long term move. Not a short term. You know last year Jim Delaney who was in attendance today said. We don't wanna move to fourteen teams just yet we don't wanna move to sixteen teams and yet here the Big Ten is with the addition of Rutgers. About to move to fourteen. Or we headed toward a lot quicker than we thought now this era of super conferences yeah. Good question -- first of all conference commissioners like most college president are only lying when their lips to move. -- any kind Jim Delany says something if he tells you that I'm gonna ride in the east tomorrow I would wake up and looked to the way. But that being -- This is removed from the Big Ten point of -- again about money. Rutgers is in the largest media market in the country you know no one in New York cares about Rutgers. The way that TV contract is written they are considered to be in the New York market Maryland obviously is in the Washington market. One of these major markets in the country so the money goes up. For everybody both on the Big Ten side and the Maryland in the record side with these deals. Yes I think this is going to cause. Another series of dominoes already we hear that Connecticut might come to the eighteenth the week here. -- at the SEC might make a move on Florida State and Clemson which if I was John Crawford I'd be scared to death because. What he got swept in football it was Florida State Clemson. So I do believe we're gonna see a lot more movement and as we saw. -- Maryland in the last week these things happen very quickly when -- happen. John Gary Williams -- are you OK I'm glad to see you still remember me. What. Where do you think this winds up in terms of the -- in other words you show these conferences changing the expansion whatever teams moving like Maryland and here's -- sort of lay there looking at these major conferences being formed do you think there's any. You know what worries out there are with the NCAA that these conferences might want to get together and kind of run the show themselves. Well -- Gary personal way how ironic is it that you asking me a question that's 230 either the other way around but. To answer your question is yes then you know the NCAA should be worried because he can't trust. Anybody in college athletics beat de -- I think it is possible that if they thought it would be a super. Side money moves that the four commissioners -- five commissioners of the for major conferences. We try to form some kind of super league in effect for football and just leave off. Did then you know that there's not power schools absolutely. The flip side though isn't near the irony. Those schools. Need to non power school in basketball. Because the appeal of the NCAA tournament is so many people. Is that first weekend or the idea of of these do you -- George makes sense. Or -- of Butler making it to the final four in the championship game to where as they don't need him in football. They do need him in basketball and that that that's the balance got. Going on because they didn't need him and that's why I think you'd agree with this they've been gone long ago. CSN Baltimore don't come.

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