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Sat, 19 May 2012|


CSN Baltimore dot com. Obviously. Feel very fortunate to go back the final four and -- a great team like Johns Hopkins with great coaching staff and locked into players so. To be able to beat a team like that obviously is is bigger comfort we have a lot of respect for for Johns Hopkins in the tradition in. So my hat's off to them they're great team and very talented well coached. I'm proud of our guys I'm happy for him. I'm happy for our preschool and in our state -- prides itself on across and more than anything else but the way our guys played you know just a lot of energy a lot of effort. And they fought really hard they were really unselfish and typical -- fashion we were very pretty. And at times you know we. Drive ourselves a little bit crazy -- but we stick together we play hard for for the entire game and we we have each other's backs and I really felt like the guy showed that today. Questions. Patrick first true that it -- The Washington Times until you want to follow us a little bit. The guys that seventh goal of the first midfield obviously don't want -- -- to the committee's. What what was kind of the plan going and how -- you guys able to so effectively do as much as you did it feel. Every week you know he's so we have our game plan we just stick to as much as possible. We just -- set ourselves up for strikes. And I think our coaches that's ferocious and in great position to do that. Every week and then it comes down to the players executed it began when. I think we did pretty good pretty good job. Yeah I thought Ryan Grant put together her game plan we've. We were because we have unselfish kids and and I think every week seems to be maybe somebody different and the great thing is. -- -- -- Cummings had a big night on Sunday you know I have one goal one assist label was essential you know make sure we organize and make an extra pass and and his leadership was great you know was. Was terrific as well and they just are so happy for each other when they have success and and that's what I think it's been great about this team is no one cares who gets the goals of the credit. Heroic effort for each other. Response. Various memory Orange Bowl or coach before the first game this year we at all. And you should -- -- Brewers as we go home to attack the whole defense. You know I'm sure they'll work and -- hearing who wore -- she thought that -- quickly talk that progression through. I think all the credit goes to these three guys in their teammates. Believe and and working hard to invest in the lot and degree -- coaching staff that we're lucky to have you know Kevin Warren and primary and -- in reference to great job but also like. Everybody at Maryland like we're really lucky to have the support we have. You know whether it's training staff or the people you know facilities like. We get a lot of help and that collectively. You know everybody believes it works hard and -- -- -- Eric Wedge. Anything can happen in. That was the one thing we felt like this year was we were gonna just. Believe it could happen why not you know why not us and if everybody's when -- get outside their comfort zone and make some sacrifices and for each other you know why not us. -- Neither can you talk a little bit better post and they obviously possess -- Hopkins inevitable but when they did. There are few openings you talk about the job that those. In front of you. Well lectures. Not only does coach grant put together it games and a coach. Warned that Phillips they're pretty -- -- but not enough positions to succeed as well and you know the some -- -- -- give a shout out to is this got us on offense that work that maybe don't get declared don't get noticed all we can practice. From guys like -- Bernard who he knows sorry -- he's -- and its role this year and just. Boston -- town every day in practice hoping our. Not all the way down from the freshmen and some other guys that don't see you know significant time on game days. You know they push us through in the east and they've given up some fits this week's. It really helped out my enough Hopkins -- the -- today in today's game we it would be organized. Communicate effectively -- stops for and if. Just want to address coach at this point it's kind of easy question but you look at the -- did job Jon did. Just Bernard you know I'm not sure that's true you know not prisoners planes usual today what isn't in -- is that even. -- any interest in his -- -- is it just -- -- par for the course. I just I think it shows the growth of the game and a Powell though its spreading and how many good athletes are taking to the game an and all the great coaching you feel like guys. I'm going on in nontraditional areas the passion for the game and and then you start programs and you know they've done a great job -- -- you know you look at their goalies terrific goalie from Arizona prime examples so. -- world really lucky because it in our state we have so many talented players and great coaches and and across me so much of the state. Yeah -- it's kind of interesting we we have I guess is as. Typical of us we got to have -- A mixed bag. And we take a lot of pride in that we like the fact that we want diversity. On our team there's a lot of different guys in different areas. Have no real safe Hendry gets picked out a lot. I -- the countries that are more than anybody. And the -- economy probably more than anybody play. It's just great to see you know Kurt is a guy from the state and there's a third brothers' third generation here and you know he obviously you know means a lot to him where that flag get the guys from out of state I think playing for Maryland and have that Maryland pride in. Having that flag and a helmet it it does bring out the best -- us because we know there's a standard there that you know we. We need to make sure we live up to. Coach Stan Charles approach pucks congratulations. To you and your players. Cutler from -- went out of his way to say not only did the coaching ship too good job but I really have to give credit to Maryland's players for how they executed today. You guys have lost five games is executing as well as us as you did today is -- -- is peaking at the right time. I'm not sure you know that this season surprise people forget this season is is such a grind -- so long now you know between starting in August and finishing in the day. You're gonna go through peaks and valleys and and I was really impressed with Hopkins you know they think came out of -- really strong and then you know they. That a couple games it didn't go that way and then they reinvented themselves and they were pretty awesome when they put -- 11 there by a goal. And and they had two big wins by considerable margins play a totally different style offense. And you know I think sometimes with a loss like all young people I think we forget sometimes like these guys are students are a lot going on allies. The focus factor sometimes it's hard you know like for us this week. We were not very good in practice the first three days in in the events of the kids we got back 33 -- Sunday night. It was lazy they had papers -- took a test the next day we have 45 guys do that we papers -- You know and an organized and never with a last minute to do and schoolwork. On because of -- organized and disciplined but. We were pretty sloppy. But everybody had a good attitude we kind of knew that so we were like ours we hope they get by the end of the week. It may not be pretty right now -- open if they can get some rest on Thursday night and Friday night. You know maybe -- some good things will happen. So and again these guys executed it we we trying to. Scripted too much and say you have to do this because we really trust the guys on the they're gonna make you know good decisions and they're not to be perfect but. I think that he takes which try to play for each other that they they don't wanna make mistake hurt their teammates now because they want it real playoffs and I don't want micromanage him like they need to make plays they can't win afterward about you know now so. I think they take a lot of pride in that and makes our job a lot easier. Certainly -- for -- I think the prospects noted how animated celebrations on the sidelines and it seemed like there -- a lot of emotion that is this homer this program. Yes for anybody feels -- answer what was the locker room like post and turns corporation. -- -- They knew it yeah. Yeah it. Broad jump. Some water being sprayed the big hit and pretty quickly we knew we two games and not you know -- -- We've pretty much -- -- about that is when. On this one. I know we want so. Let's get this looks if we get one. Phil knows Garrett used to I'm certainly not -- get ready for teams were play some of -- beat us so. I think that grabbed all of our attention was you know -- -- opposite fortune to win but -- down two teams have gotten the best of us are ready so. Another you know another big challenge for us so we know it's time turn attention toward I hope these guys enjoy it tonight because they earned it they put a lot of time in this. And that's wishes be known players should -- credit when they went -- and enjoy it and -- it back together on Monday and a coach -- -- today tomorrow and you know hopefully we put together good playing plan would be you know whoever we play there there over the game. Not formula prospecting. One of the more emotional moments in the teammates came in the third quarter when Jesse Bernhardt fourth manufacturer's. Top ten. An extra man can talk about just that sequence and also. Just -- play not only today but you know throughout. Yeah Jesse is it is a guy that you know has done a lot force and I think. His energy his leadership. His intangibles. You know he comes from great documents that's football coach and -- -- just the way they do their business it's you know their athletes are competitive. I mean everything they do they do to the -- you know when they come they're ready mentally ready for practice every day that I like to compete. There and they get after in the weight room the kind of legendary for their summer workouts down to Florida and he. They are super competitive and and that really rubs off on our team and his energy. And the way he goes out when he makes plays I think. Certain players you know I think art -- team is thirteen that's going to be college great effort by anybody. I when Jesse does it it maybe has a little bigger impact because of the type of guy is. And that's usually a telling thing for us because. It could be maybe your fifth attack when he scores in the team gets a little more like vocal says a lot about how much their teammates. Appreciate and respect him and and a enjoyed being around and I think just the is that type of guy you know it's very approachable. You know off the field and on the field he's as competitive as they come. Down you know to see tennis. CSN it all season long and you're trying to play -- full game would you say that this might have been a full sixty minutes of across there still trying to work that. That was enough. I don't know what to a queries that wants. We we try to strive to be perfect in that in that category I know we've we've missed a couple moon. Then there is couple sloppy turnovers that we can grow up there across and that's our goal. Hopefully next week -- this. Monday come Monday we can get back to trying to him the perfect. And I'm not only -- ourselves. Less room for improvement that. I think their effort and energy was there throughout the game. I don't think we. Some like in games -- for example the harlequin Hopkins would score we try to bring an end and limit their Iran's of their momentum and I think our energy in. Enthusiasm was there are looking into it they drew and Chris said we can improve in a lot of the statistical categories and a you know we're always trying to get better so we can keep on improving that and you know there's no limit to how energetic and -- up. We're trying to -- new stars that. -- -- Those clubs Stewart this game's possession Packers head through one here. Who wouldn't want. -- was how much conscious effort as a whole bubble how do you balance -- the quality time clock would also be aggressive going to go school. Yeah it's Hardin and to be asked is this it wasn't. You know you can -- through it wasn't like OK let's get the ball hold it like that wasn't the game plan all week and yesterday if you have that mindset like the kids realize it. You know they're like oh okay so you think about -- we -- of course we have the hole to win. We just like -- you saw some more goals like if we have opportunities we're gonna go what we want to be smarter. With those who don't want a reckless penalties like recklessly to the goal we wanna go five -- six we want to make the extra pass. -- they're good defensively and that was the thing that's tough like when you play against these good teams. You know you can dodge and cycle cycle and you still may not get anything and it gets it gets tough and and the same thing happened to them I think. Sipping heavily and to us last week. Mean athletes on defense -- -- so good that you're and they slide in the scheme change so much a lot of times you can't get leverage off that first option when you do slide you know they do slide and recover like -- matched up before you can do it so then it becomes our. We've got to be patient and make sure we get a good shot let's not settle for for she looks let's get a new books and I thought our kids shot pretty well today -- is an awesome goalie. And I thought early. You know he got a lesson and now the guys -- just a little bit and to it to Odyssey to get eleven goals on him -- a lot about the guys and in the way they shot today. This is for crew or coach drew the first rate field you might chat -- -- and of course John cost. The grip has been going straight up. And I think culminated today was local guys which changed over the years is just to use the work with a -- -- -- or or. It would happen. -- -- -- -- here since. And in time I played with John. Almost lost in the definitely created a good chemistry and things. Then -- comes in the fall. The winner. And it does take a little timely that you see each other you know -- as soon see his tendencies. Talk talk through some things. And I think we're finally coming around you know it's been known how many weeks. We got a good feel for each other we hope to continue. CSN Baltimore dot com.

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