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Mon, 19 Nov 2012|



She is in Baltimore dot com. And to have an opportunity to come and -- apart on the Big Ten Conference in terms of what that conference and represent us know from an academic standpoint. From a football standpoint. And really what it can do from this institution. Academically and athletically to me was just something. Very very exciting the opportunity -- performance present our student athletes.

Having said that though your football coach and now you've got to go up against the old. You of the old dogs the football world mir's mission in the Ohio states and Wisconsin's. What do you think when you think about playing those schools.

Well you just want you gotta keep recruit you know you gotta keep recruitment you gotta get two guys you know bigger stronger and faster than. It just it really energizes you and and they're also understands that it'll open up some recruiting areas force that no -- into right. The opportunity. For our kids to be able to go play in the Rose Bowl. Tend not to -- keep compete and some of those stadiums that. It's what many college football how our kids experience that is just going to be a wonderful opportunity. How does this change not only way you're cruise so where you recruit well the one thing is we still got to win at home you know we got to make sure we continue to win at home here in this area. But then again. Maybe go to a -- more than in New Jersey and even more in Pennsylvania and continue more out west Detroit Chicago. Indianapolis -- Ohio. Saint Louis Indianapolis and Kansas City. Those areas and then also. Nobody in this explosion hit couldn't help to -- more more viewers nationally for just wanna be able to come to this area and to get a degree and then also reap the benefits of what Carl has stopped for you don't want your playing days are over.

Kids love to compete I don't know that they really care. Who where when they just wanna go play what was your reaction teams -- them.

They were excited and I can see smiles on your face and they know we still have another year to go one more game this year against North Carolina and then. Next year in the ACC but then we'll move forward to lose the Big Ten for. They understand that now we got that we are working a little bit harder and what they're excited about the opportunity.

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