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Proud Harbaugh parents not taking sides



CSN Baltimore dot com. A must start with you Jack you're I know you're enjoying office. -- Hartnell and often thrilling end joyful all we're happy about it more exciting -- -- teams who are excited for the Cubs to. -- like a moment. Jackie said it's no different though like when -- John Major junior high team or any of the milestones is that right even though this is that the highest level. Really some of the great. Always we have hunter Valley High School. Have you with Clinton wiser in the basketball coach in -- -- through Earl Hansen and Reese played games and on the afternoon Friday afternoon this. And we used to come down -- -- to sit there in the end zone up in the upper deck there and the same joy in the same -- why -- -- -- can compete in those games and John. Competing and and I high school. You said that you choose to talk about how they're more similar and dissimilar. What what's the most common trait they share. Passion for the game and love for the game and their historians of the game and they go back to the sixties and seventies and and great experiences they were involved. Great victories great games that we were able this year just on television but hey they really do have a love and passion for their competitive they are competitive both of them. As a mom how hard is it to watch her two boys. Going at each other knowing one's gonna win. Well I just yeah I think I kinda think in the moment. You know I'm not even comparing her art. Anything like them thinking in the moment of what's happening out there and what they're both going through that's what I am thinking about it at that time. And hoping that it's a well played game. -- when you were driving them around in the backseat when you look around and say I don't care what we're doing who's got a better than us John told me. It was a little ticket Jim brought that to the niners you wish you brought it to the Ravens could they played throughout the stadium -- that. I think he shared it with me as well but I saw John got one and that's your -- day with enthusiasm unknown man tags Giants gives your system that -- can sneak into his press conference today trying to get -- one help and young. Yeah I think that one we used to seeing more. Can any be attacked attacked attacked again and the interesting thing about that statement as. No we've had other parents call us and tell us that they -- that with their children. And then -- what a great thing to be able to say that there can't to. I have a positive outlook on your life. Finally Jackie wood looked like after the game when your kids will have the ultimate high and one will be really disappointed. I think we went through yeah. -- yeah it'll be you know I. Should go to the threat Q did you did in Atlanta and. I'm. I think we're going to be. Thrilled that they were both able to participate at this level and who they are going to be hugs all the way around. So one thing -- to do is take Johnny -- advice. The advice is enjoying this moment. I'm gonna try as hard as we possibly can't have these next days and through the game and after the game to. Did captain that in place we are going to enjoy enjoy this moment. CSN Baltimore dot com.



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