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Ray Lewis shows Jacoby Jones how to do the 'squirrel dance'


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Tue, 5 Feb 2013|



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  1. Which area team will be next to host a championship parade?

    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    No which singing. In the do you view is gonna be parading mix if it's gonna be Ravens again. Redskins. We it's cats. The Orioles. Which team is gonna be. That I think when you look at the Ravens right now. Get the best chance to blog about before anybody well there you had an apt that that you've got to go some minus the next. The and have every piece of plays they have a lot this year. Part of him I look at our rest here but it all depends on what origin for well. There's certainly enjoy that and we know that's when it got treatment on this day. That you win would doubt him and we caused begging to take a moment well but I think those three teams in that'll. I feel almost. Awful throwing any shade on the Ravens on the day they're great triumph. But you know the last seven Super Bowl winners haven't even won a playoff game the following year it's still hard to do you know that's more than than happenstance that's an actual trend. Not that I think the Ravens aren't gonna win a playoff game next year but the statistics don't lack. On the flip side I look at this Washington Nationals team and I look at Danny Haren as starter and I look at denied Spain. And I gotta say Denard Span excuse me and I gotta say that they look really good. They look like a team that I wouldn't wanna tussle with the playoffs next year especially because next year they're not they're gonna take that Stephen Strasburg to take the course and off them and put him out or hung over them it is not a golf.

  2. President Barack Obama calls to congratulate coach John Harbaugh

    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com. President how are you know. We're doing pretty well too we're so excited about your call thanks for I think it Evans. And you on. just. Probably why am certainly didn't have some long long time ago with turned and left DO. It is totally them. I personally I don't get up and down and statistically. It does actually. It's really great. CSN Baltimore dot com.

  3. Gary Williams: Great feeling for Lewis, Baltimore to come out on top

    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    CSN Baltimore dot com. There's a great feeling. Just to. Had the opportunity to go to the game and then to be here and see them get the win because I Ravens fans there. Went through that period after the black out where we felt they were gonna lose so now all of a sudden. How can we win this game and to see the Ravens. You know kind of be a throwback thing where they depend on your defense and when the ball's on the five yard alignments and Francisco. Looking like you're gonna walk in and score that was a great feeling was great for Ray Lewis obviously. Because he was a trademark of the Ravens team for so long. CSN Baltimore dot com.

  4. After reaching the summit, the future is bright in Baltimore

    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    Csnbaltimore.com. However what Brad Jackson alongside red hair gel but there's so many moments today maybe the big news woods. Maximum capacity to about one more person could hit it inside of the year what a for a I've never seen anything like it evolved to where it seems purchases Ashis outlook just when he was 31 wheel around at 2000 this year's Super Bowl title. I have never seen this city but Albert event like they did. Here today I was at Seton that kicked it off. Back here for the finish. Great with the Bears this crowd. Don't care if it's seven nations all of this was amazing. I mean for me one bit bigger isn't always news is that if you see double teams come out seen the last world the last or three or four guys. He's it would it would You were chances there to bring in whole Florida that we had a 65 days. It's unbelievable I know I've lived here I've got that would have to the organization. Associated gain on this side. It's up it's exactly what they got take away from the he got was from an update their strength of the voters gave the shot they say don't let that ship. Fall off your shoulder that means that they're a fiery. Full and George shot that you what they say he's. If there's so for him to say that. Could be a fair to struggle. It's more moments like this he doesn't want to see you lose their feelings. We talked about the activity before Brooke could really brought that I did it right. Pitchers over 2006. Off the last what thirteen years He made it wanna in the to play. All of the National Football League which is why they've won so many football games it on Saturday. These fans that you can't day. Ship that swagger Robert showed what what is that enough to it got a bit. Boy guys who have the opportunity to do what we're doing there Continue to fight where you wait that would awards they've got that but we're. This year for this but I do know during the playoffs there was a moment in which Ray Lewis passed the to Joseph Flacco. This is now Joseph Flacco seat next order of business for a you don't want all the talk about whether or not ability. Quarterback they it up with a sensible just get you want a Super Bowl he is an elite quarterback in this league. Next order business. Going to be here for a long time to whether the franchise tag for. Whether they a long And get a lot of buddies and I think he's gonna make this city. Very proud big Missouri. Feel your shoulder. At Baltimore brave new world champions of the bowl 47 are. Coverage is done perhaps now we're done no more for Britain errors. But man Brad Jackson not Chris Miller next csnbaltimore.com.