So the tough decisions have been made, the players have been notified, and the Ravens 53-man roster is set.

Or is it?


Here is a list of the Ravens' cuts made on Saturday as the team finalizes their 53-man roster via CSN's Clifton Brown.

Fitz Touissaint – RB


Ravens rookie guard John Urschel said it was “an honor” to make the Ravens 53-man roster, and his role with the Ravens could be larger than expected after the Ravens cut guards A.Q.


The preseason is mercifully over, and once the Cincinnati Bengals roll into town in a little more than a week, no one will care that the Ravens were 4-0 in the preseason.


The Ravens wrapped up the preseason with a 22-13 win over New Orleans on Thursday night, meaning players on the bubble have had their final chance to try to convince Ozzie Newsome and Co.