Terrell Suggs


Brad Jackson stopped by SportsTalk Live to discuss the Ravens' lack of depth at secondary, their chances of winning the division and Johnny Manziel's now-infamous gesture.  


Joe Flacco was asked about Johnny Manziel giving the Redskins bench the middle finger on Monday Night Football, and responded with an honest answer that we've all seen one before and it's not a bi


The Ravens should expect to face Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on Saturday night. How long Romo will play during the Ravens’ second preseason game in Texas remains to be seen.


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was surprised how much he has enjoyed practicing with the 49ers.


Terrell Suggs knows the Ravens defense has to be better in 2014 than it was in 2013. 

"We all felt like we let each other down" Suggs said about the defense.