Halloween is just around the corner so it was only a matter of time before costume parties started to emerge on social media.  


The Ravens rolled past Atlanta on Sunday, 29-7, to move atop the AFC North at 5-2. It's time to hand out the grades to the offense after the Ravens' fifth win in their past six games:


BALTIMORE - Some of the Falcons looked less than pleased with the Ravens’ final touchdown Sunday – a 39-yard pass from Joe Flacco to Torrey Smith with 1:54 left to play.


After a big turnaround week for Torrey Smith and his season, he explains what success means in the NFL.

Smith also explains what the Maryland area means to him as a player and more.


Torrey Smith sat down with CSN's Chris Mills to discuss a wide variety of topics, including buying Devon Still jerseys for charity, Joe Flacco and the struggle of meeting expectations in the fanta